Many of the biggest names in knitting have appeared at SWAK over the years,
and have left their smooch on our wall of fame!

If you'd like to see a bigger view of each smooch, simply click on the photo to enlarge.


Knit Out 2013


Guthrie blew me away. Love,

Franklin Habit

Chicago, Illinois


So much fun to be back @ SWAK. Love you guys.

Fiona Ellis

Toronto, Ontario


I got to come! Thank you so much for having me - I had a blast.

Susanna Hansson

Seattle, Washington


Knit Out 2012


Much love to all!

Sally Melville

Ottawa, Ontario


Thanks for a marvelous time!

Leigh Radford

Portland, Oregon


Thanks for a SUPER OKIE weekend! Yeh for the trains!

Candace Eisner-Strick

Ottawa, Ontario


Knit Out 2011


Oklahoma, I love you.

Franklin Habit

Chicago, Illinois


Unleash the power of inspiration! Thanks for having me at SWAK.

Fiona Ellis

Toronto, Ontario


Set your knitting free. Thank you for everything!

Jane Thornley

Nova Scotia


Knit Out 2010


Thanks for everything-Smooches...

Jared Flood

Brooklyn, New York


Thanks for a wonderful time!

Alissa Barton

Grand Prairie, Texas


Happy sock knitting! Thanks so much SWAK!

Cookie A

Silicon Valley, California


Knit Out 2009


To the guys & gals at SWAK
Kisses! XXO

Wendy Johnson

Alexandria, Virginia


You SWAK'ers are fantastic!!!! Thank you for the fabulous time.

Mags Kandis

Quinte, Ontario


What a fabulous weekend! Thanks - (the knitter who can't kiss straight)

Joan Schrouder

Portland, Oregon


Knit Out 2008

Loved being here. Thanks for the care!

Nancie Wiseman

Sacramento, California


Beth Brown-Reinsel

Many thanks SWAK! Hugs . .

Beth Brown-Reinsel

Forest Hill, Maryland

Myrna StahmanValentina Devine

Los Alamos, New Mexico


For years we assumed we had let Valentina get away without snagging her smooch, but one day while cleaning the office - voilĂ !


Knit Out 2007

Leigh RadfordKeep knitting outside the box - so enjoyed teaching in Guthrie. Best . . .

Leigh Radford

Portland, Oregon

Myrna StahmanLace is the thing!

Myrna Stahman

Boise, Idaho

Kathleen Power-JohnsonWhat a weekend in the Old West - thank you!

Kathleen Power-Johnson

Sarasota, Florida

Debbie MacomberDebbie Macomber was here and bought yarn - lots of yarn!!!

Debbie Macomber

Port Orchard, Washington


Knit Out 2006

Cat BordhiGuthrie is great!

Cat Bordhi

Friday Harbor, Washington

Lucy NeatbyTo all the SWAK gang . . . wishing you contented stitches!

Lucy Neatby

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Lily ChinWhat can I say? Thanks for everything, as always. I've become a swak slut!

Lily Chin

New York, NY


Knit Out 2005

Candace Eisner StrickThe most beautiful knit shop in the world.

Candace Eisner Strick

Mansfield, Connecticut

Maggie JacksonEnjoyed my 2nd visit is much as the 1st. Hope to come again from Ireland

Maggie Jackson

Belfast, Ireland

Kristin SpurklandWonderful retreat! Wonderful people! I had a fabulous time!

Kristin Spurkland

Portland, Oregon


Knit Out 2004

Barry KleinHugs & Kisses from one Trendsetter to another! Loved being part of the fun!

Barry Klein

Van Nuys, California

Sally MelvilleLove you guys! Hugs & kisses -

Sally Melville

Waterloo, Ontario



Lily ChinFrom the "veteran".Hugs & smooches, always Lily Chin (always fun!)

Lily Chin

New York, NY


Knit Out 2003

Sally MelvilleKisses to all! Thanks for a wonderful time!

Sally Melville

Waterloo, Ontario


Nancy BushSmooches to Guthrie

Nancy Bush

Salt Lake City, Utah

Nancy had never worn lipstick before, so getting her smooch was a bit of a challenge. Sally was our makeup artist and helped her out.

Ann FeitelsonThe best retreat ever!

Ann Feitelson

Montague, Massachusetts



Fall Get-Away 2002

Maggie Jackson

Maggie Jackson

Belfast, Ireland



Knit Out 2002

Judy PascaleKnitting is a gift and you are the ribbon. Thanks . . .

Judy Pascale

Middletown, Connecticut


Galina Khmlevaummm - we're not sure what this says. Anyone speak Russian?

Galina Khmleva

St. Petersburg, Russia


Melissa LeapmanGreat Shop, Great People, Great Weekend!

Melissa Leapman

New York, NY


Lily ChinLily loves Keely + SWAK

Lily Chin

New York, NY

While waiting on a ride to the airport, she pulled out her crochet hook, grabbed a ball of red metallic yarn, and crocheted us some lips that hang with her photo.


Knit Out 2001

Rick MondragonThink Pink!

Rick Mondragon

Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Mags KandisTo Keely! You and OK are #1

Mags Kandis

Mission Falls, Canada


Lily ChinThanks for everything.

Lily Chin

New York, NY



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