Spring Trunk Shows

We have several great trunk shows filled with spring garments and accessories on display from both Classic Elite and Berroco. Check it out!


Altai Berroco Fuji • Booklet #327 / Keely • CEY Meadowlark • Homestead


Cheyene • CEY Meadowlark • Homestead /Lacuna • Berroco Captiva • Norah Gaughan Vol 12


Enter • Berroco Maya • Norah Gaughan Vol 12 Biscuitroot • Berroco Maya • Free Online


Casale • Berroco Captiva • Free Online Paloverde • Berroco Maya • Booklet #340


Kayleigh • CEY Sprout • Homestead Papara • Berroco Maya • Booklet #343

Both of these shows will be on display through April 18.

We have a great class for you tomorrow on this gorgeous Kalinda Shawl knit from Classic Elite’s Cerro.

Sunny DayKalinda Shawl


In addition, I’ll be giving a Flash Class on the i-Cord Bind off. Usually these Flash Classes start at 1pm, but tomorrow we’ll have to move that up to 11am. Mason has a piano contest tomorrow afternoon so we had to shuffle things around a bit. All you need for the Flash Class is yarn and needles.

Hope to see you soon!


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