December 19: Tech Talk

coIt’s no secret, we love getting techie at SWAK. The more you learn and know about the technical aspects of knitting, the more confident you become. There is nothing we love more than sharing our knowledge with you.

When we first started out 21 years ago, mom set the bar high. You will be hard pressed to find someone more knowledgable and enthusiastic about the technical aspects of knitting than mom. She’s no longer teaching, but you’ll be glad to know the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

320-flashOur Flash Classes start up again in the new year, and I’m interested to know what techniques you’d like to learn more about in the upcoming months.

Each Flash Class has a laminated instruction card to go along with it, and the cards from each class can be kept on a nifty ring so you can easily carry them around in your bag. When you attend the class, the cost per card is $2.50. An hour of hands-on instruction plus a nifty card to carry in your bag for only $2.50 is a pretty sweet deal!

We already have three great Flash Classes on the schedule for January, including my personal favorite – Errors!

I just need to print me up a bunch of t-shirts that say “I FIX STUFF”, because many days that’s all I do. From a simple dropped stitch to a major fix that’s nearly surgical, I can fix it all. And I’m going to share what I know with you! Mark your calendar for Saturday, January 10 at 1pm.


In fact, we love sweet deals so much, we have a great prize for one lucky person today.

Simply share what techniques (knit and/or crochet) you’d like to learn more about in the new year and I’ll randomly select one person who will receive a complete set of all our current Technique cards.







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15 thoughts on “December 19: Tech Talk

  1. Fixing a messed up lace pattern…it still throws me for a loop sometimes. Just end up backing up a row when it’s in the row below.

  2. I would learn more about fair isle knitting. I struggle with how to keep all the yarns straight and how to handle the needles. I would also like help with picking up stitches without twisting the stitches, like on heal flaps. I still don’t know what that is supposed to look like…..

  3. Errors is on the top of my list. Also just reading stitches I have a hard time figuring out where I left off or fixing anything; I sometimes get stitches twisted etc.

  4. Can you just clone Sherry so she can come poke me until I finish my projects? I make such good projects when she’s watching me, and then sometimes it all falls apart when I get home.

    No? Okay, I’m going to join the chorus and say fixing errors. I can usually *do* it, but often after much gnashing of teeth, and sometimes a few choice words. Then, because I’ve done it 3 different ways, the right was doesn’t manage to stick in my mind.

  5. Yah to the error fixing. And colorwork (like that cowl on the cover of Vogue Knitting) and finishing (seaming)

  6. Yes I could benefit from an Errors flash class too. I would also like to learn about a heal flap, more ways to pick up and cast on stitches, seaming and buttons and zippers. Oh and decreasing to the right and left. I always get confused with that.

  7. I really want to learn more finishing techniques, work on seaming, and work on perfecting my intarsia technique!

  8. Errors is top on my list. Regular knit and lace.

    Japanese short rows


    Traveling cable, took a class on this but it is still Greek to me.

    Adding designs to socks

  9. Definitely errors! I can’t fix anything if it happened before the row I’m on now. If I don’t put in lifelines, I’m sunk. And what’s that about twisted stitches, Randa??? That’s just part of the design, right? 🙂

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