December 13: Andean Luxury


Amano Yarns, homegrown in the Andes. These Peruvian luxury yarns are out of this world!



The newest addition to the Amano family. Meaning woven/knitted fabric in the Quechuan language, this unique blend of baby alpaca, merino wool and pima cotton has an exceptional and different look. The color chart of AWA finds its inspiration in the vibrant colors of the traditional Peruvian textiles. Sport Weight, $16.95/100gm

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Baby alpaca, mixed with mulberry silk in a range of natural shades. PUYU, meaning cloud in the Quechuan language, is light as a feather and soft as a cloud. Bulky weight, $19.95/5ogm




This unique blend of royal alpaca, cashmere and mulberry silk has an incomparable softness and a beautiful texture. Using an artisanal dip dyed method inspired by the Incas, this yarn has been crafted with love and care using ancient techniques. MAYU translates to river in the Quechuan language. DK/Light Worsted weight, $28.95/50gm




A beautiful blend of baby alpaca and mulberry silk. AYNI translates to exchange system in the Quechuan language. While it is a pretty name, the explanation of the translation has something to do with the experience of the ancestral exchange – which is a bit of a stretch for me. Personally I got lost somewhere in the middle of “blah” and “blah, blah” while reading the company’s description. Neverless, the yarn is soft, lightweight and very lovely. Sport weight, $13.95/50gm


All of the designs featured above are from the new Amano Vol. 3 pattern book.

Amano is also the company with the Vicuña. Hands down, vicuña is the ultimate yarn. Rare and luxurious.



A small amount of the fiber can be exported annually. We were able to receive more vicuña kits again this season. $395, includes two-25gm skeins of natural vicuña packaged in a handmade and numbered wooden box, along with a certificate of authenticity and pattern to knit a cowl.

I have two free patterns to share with you today, courtesy of Amano Yarns. The first is the Adelpha Cowl knit with 2 hanks of AYNI.


Next is this Slouchy Hat knit with 2 hanks of PUYU.


Click on the images above for your free download!

I am also giving away 2 skeins of PUYU to one lucky winner today. Simply state which color of PUYU you’d like to win in the comments. You have until midnight!



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  1. I have used this yarn and it really is lovely to work with. I made a shrug from one of their books I love it. Dim Gray would be my choice.

    1. Congratulations Clarissa! You’re the winner. I have your prize aside for you. Please pick it up by January 31, or it will be put back in the prize hopper.

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