December 20: Favorite Things


Every Christmas I wind up in a futile debate with my husband regarding the “My Favorite Things” song. He insists it’s a Christmas song, but I know better. Just because Johnny Mathis recorded it on a Christmas album does not suddenly make it into a holiday tune. Naturally my husband has NEVER seen the Sound of Music, nor does he have any interest in doing so.

I read a profile on a business recently that called it a “lifestyle” store. I guess you could say we have a bit of that going on here as well. I have a few of my very favorite things to share with you today, that will hopefully enhance your lifestyle too!



I absolutely love this addition to my office. It holds so much stuff, keeps me more organized than ever, and gives me an additional workspace. Best of all, everything folds up into an attractive cabinet.


It also has a table that flips out, and an overhead light. I want to run over and give it a big hug every day. Everyone needs one of these! They make smaller organizational systems too. You can order them online at

Jeni’s Ice Cream


IMG_2554 (1)I remember when this little ice cream stand popped up in the North Market, across the street from the convention center in Columbus, Ohio. Jeni would man the stand, sometimes by herself, selling scoops of her incredible ice cream. She had some of the wildest combinations of flavors, and they were selling like crazy. Each summer when we’d visit, the line got longer. Fifteen years later Jeni’s is an ice cream empire. Forbes magazine did a profile on her business a few days ago. It’s worth the read.

While Jeni’s is best experienced in downtown Columbus, it doesn’t take a trip to Ohio to get in on the yumminess. You can get it at Whole Foods, but they don’t stock the full flavor range. We put together an order with Jeni’s periodically, so if you’d like to join the Jeni’s bunch and get in on our next order give me a shout. Warning, it’s $12 a pint (and worth every penny), but we split the shipping and that really helps.

My personal favorites are Salty Caramel and Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks. I’m down to my last pint, so we’ll be ordering soon. If you can’t wait, you can order online at


Road Trips

Yes, I love road trips so much that I dedicated an entire post to them. But they’re worth mentioning again. This summer Kary and I are taking out on the open road for the biggest road trip yet. Snarky & Catty’s Summer Road Trip will be epic – yes, we even gave it an official name although you’ll have to guess who’s Snarky and who’s Catty.

Our travels will take us to many states: Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas.  We are staying at fine hotels: the Seelbach, le Méridien, the Peabody, and even an inn with milk & cookies at bedtime and a house cat. We will eat copious amounts of food, including Jeni’s ice cream. We will find the interesting.

The official reason for our trip is go to yarn market in Cleveland, but why take the shortest path when you can embark on a great adventure. We are counting down – only 185 days until our journey begins!

Chewy Red Hots


Mom and I both had a red hot affliction. They quit selling the off-brand ones we liked years ago, plus they were breaking my teeth. Numerous implants later I had to give up the red hots. Recently I discovered CHEWY red hots. They are so darn good, and they don’t break your teeth. I buy them in bulk, and even have my own “Red Hots by the Dozen” buyers club going. Yes, there are others out there as crazy as me. I hide my stash in my WorkBox.

psst…if you’re crazy for red hots too give me a shout and I’ll let you in on my little club

Binge TV


airpodYes, I’m a habitual TV show binger. Since my world revolves around my MacBook Pro and my iPhone, I really didn’t see the need for an iPad. Keith gave me one several Christmases ago, and I’ve been a binger ever since. Whenever I’m doing something monotonous, like updating the website or ironing, I watch shows on my iPad while popping chewy red hots in my mouth.

My only complaint was that I couldn’t hear, especially when my guys blare the TV or video games. I treated myself to a pair of AirPods earlier this year and I am so happy! But I am in need of something new to watch. I’m anxiously awaiting the next seasons of The Handmaid’s Tale, Better Call Saul, and Homeland. Just finished The Crown. I never miss an episode of General Hospital, but I’m all caught up on that. There’s not much I haven’t seen, but if you have any good suggestions I’m all ears.

Comfy Clothing

Vancouver TunicTokyo ShirtTunic TopGinger VestTunic Top

Back in the day, when I had a real job we had to wear hose, suits, pointy shoes, pinchy heavy earrings. I don’t know how I did that, and got anything accomplished. While I don’t mind dressing up occasionally, I can promise you that my productivity sinks to a crawl. I just can’t function if I’m miserable and can’t move around freely.

My friend Debbie introduced me to the Comfy USA line and I’ve been in love ever since – so much that it is the main line of clothing we carry in the shop. My closet at home looks like a legging display, with multiples of every color. I guess you could say they’re my “uniform”, and they’re more comfortable than any pajama pants I’ve ever owned. With great tops and tunics to coordinate with the leggings, Comfy is generously sized so you often are a size smaller than you think. Gotta love that!


Comfortable was also my guide when I set out to dye art-to-wear items for our le Cœur line of wearables. Flowing ruanas, asymmetrical tunics, and caftans in brilliant hues. Both lines include up to size 2X.

If I were Oprah, I’d take everyone on a road trip, and give away WorkBoxes, Jeni’s ice cream and AirPods to all. But alas, I’m just Keely from the ‘hood.


I can help everyone live more comfortably! Now through the end of the year, take 25% off all Comfy USA and le Cœur wearables. This deal is only for my loyal readers, so mention the “friends of Keely” deal at the register.

And since you’ll be so darn comfortable, you won’t think twice about popping a handful of RedHots in your mouth. I looked over my secret stash, and determined that I could bear to part with six boxes. Therefore I will be giving away chewy RedHots to six lucky winners. If you have a favorite thing you think everyone needs, or a tip on a good show for me to watch . . . please share! I’ll randomly select winners from those who comment.


Since I’m down to my last pint of Jeni’s, I have no more to share. I’m also getting ready to order more vanilla beans, so if you want to get in the vanilla bean bunch let me know. My go-to source in Australia lost all of their crops in the drought and went out of business. I just checked my #2 spot and prices have tripled since last year. My stash is getting really low, so I’ll probably be restocking after the first of the year. I import huge, juicy beans – not the shriveled up ones you see at the store. Give me a shout if you need bean!

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24 thoughts on “December 20: Favorite Things

  1. Ok for the red hots! Lol. My favorite thing everyone needs any product from Mississippi Miracle Clay! I love their skin care, it’s awesome!!! I highly recommend their morning eye mask and muscadine honey facial mask. All natural and refreshing. And after a hard night of knitting the muscle and joint mineral rub.

  2. Well I am planning on getting the cabinet. My summer plan is to start organizing my yarn so I can start working on what I already have, in addition to adding to my stash.

    I also need some vanilla beans so please put me on the list.

    Plan to be at SWAK next Tuesday so will probably add to my clothing closet too.

  3. Chewy red hots! I need to know where you find them! Red hot tamales help fill the void….but red hots are my favorite too and I have never seen the Chewy variety. Favorite things? Wool socks this time of year!

    1. You win a box of red hots! I first stumbled on them at Rocketfizz in Edmond. I’ve been ordering in bulk from Nationwide Candy Company, and you can also find them by the dozen on Amazon but they’re more pricey. We double ordered last time (got impatient because they were on back order from the candy company) so I have tons. Once my stash gets depleted I’ll be ordering again. In the interim you’d like to buy some of mine, let me know.

  4. Audio books are one of my favorite things. I can knit and read at the same time. I would love to join the bean club.

  5. I second the recommendation for Outlander! I finally got to watch the 1st season earlier this year. l have since discovered that my library has the DVD’s of the following seasons, so I’m hoping to continue the series after the holidays.
    I love red-hots of all kinds! My grandma would put red-hots on top of the marshmallows that topped the sweet potato casserole. She also put red-hots in the applesauce she made, so good!
    I hope I can get up to Guthrie before the 31st. It just depends on family floating in & out of the household during the days following Christmas. This is the year
    that all of my kids, their spouses, & granddaughters will be here. My older son & his wife live in California, so they alternate the holidays with her family in Wisconsin.
    Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then Happy Holidays to all those having different celebrations!

  6. My friend gave me some leggings. I’ll have to look for a coordinating tunic!
    My favorite (crafty) things are Furls crochet hooks and my yarn bowl. I don’t think we’d necessarily like the same shows. My husband and I like NCIS, etc.

  7. Still want to know where to sign up for the ice cream club. Do you think the have matcha flavor?

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