December 5: Making a List


Honestly I don’t know what I want for Christmas this year. My guys keep asking and I’d better come up with something.

If I didn’t already own an entire candy land for yarnies, these would be the top 5 things on my wish list:

LYKKE photo ©SWAK, Inc.


A personal wish come true. For years I have longed for a perfectly complete set of double points. I get so tired of fishing around in my needle case for DPNS. I’m quite an organized person, but DPNs have managed to allude my organizational skills. While sock-sized sets have been around for years, I wanted a set with ALL the sizes I use.

Finally, LYKKE has granted my wish and the result is fantastic. They’ve split the needles between 2 sets, which was a good idea. Years ago I tried making my own set with a silk fan and rosewood DPNs. After 3 years of ordering, the company could never ship the sizes to make a complete set (which may answer any questions as to why we don’t sell these particular needles in the store). And even with my less-than-half a set, it was so heavy! So BRAVO to LYKKE for dividing them into two sets: SMALL/ 0-5 (including 1.5 and 2.5) and LARGE/6-13.

I also LOVE the way they marked the sizes in the middle of the needle, and it is EASY TO READ. I can’t count how many times I’ve wound up knitting with different size needles because the markings were so bad that I couldn’t read them.

You really should put both sets of these needles on YOUR list. What a thrilling gift!

small $99.95, large $125

Wrist Ruler, photo ©SWAK, Inc.

2) Wrist Ruler

10630l-2I know many of you are knitters-on-the-go (or hookers-on-the-go) just like me. And I can’t tell you how many times, despite my attempts at organization, that I’ve found myself in desperate need of a measuring tape. While I’ve managed to improvise by folding my pattern various ways to form a makeshift measuring device, sometimes you just need a tape measure.

So I about flipped when one of my sales reps came in wearing one of these leather wrist rulers. Need to measure something? Look no further than your wrist!

wrist ruler $19.99

due capre, photo ©SWAK, Inc.

3) Due Capre

You name it, I’ve knit with it. So I’m not easily impressed. But this newest addition to the Mrs. Crosby family had me literally gushing with every stitch. Cashmere, with a little kid mohair. There are not enough adjectives to describe how lusciously soft and fabulous this yarn is to work with. The sensation is right up there with eating decadent chocolate, incredible caramel, or Jeni’s ice cream. And as you’re savoring a bite of Jeni’s, the $12/pint price tag just becomes irrelevant. The same is true with Due Capre.

duecapre duecapre1

You can knit this lovely cowl with merely one skein of Due Capre. This pattern is available on Raverly from designer Mercedes Tarasovich. You really must treat yourself to a skein!

due capre $38/50gm skein

Crossbody Wallet, photo ©SWAK, Inc.

4) Mini Clutch

My favorite Louenhide wallet and travel purse finally wore out. I have been trying to replace both of them for some time, with mediocre results. So when we stumbled upon the Joy Susan handbag line at apparel market, I was literally dancing with joy when I laid eyes on this mini clutch.

It can be my new wallet. Inside are all of the features a good wallet needs – credit card slots, big slot for bills, zippered pouch for coin. And unlike my last several wallets, the outer zipper has a turn lock preventing it from coming unzipped and dumping change into my purse. Overjoyed!!

It can also be my new travel purse. Included are both a wristlet and a long strap. Plus it is roomy enough inside to hold my cell phone and other necessities needed when traveling light. More joy!!

Wallet, photo ©SWAK, Inc.Wallet, photo ©SWAK, Inc.Wallet, photo ©SWAK Inc.

We’ve been selling these like hotcakes, and just received a new shipment filled with a rainbow of colors. You will also rejoice over the price – only $39. Can’t decide on a color? Get two, or three, or more! Purses are like shoes and yarn, you just can’t have too many.

Overnighter, photo ©SWAK Inc.

5) Atenti Overnighter Bag

Road trippin’ gals need to travel in style, and I won’t be leaving home again without an Atenti Overnighter.  Why look like a weary traveler lugging around a boring suitcase, when you can strut into the hotel with one of these on your shoulder. Talk about making an entrance!

photo ©SWAK Inc.

You don’t have to go on a road trip to have swagger. I’m also loving the smaller Cadette and Tall Caddy too.

overnighter $174-$188, cadette $134, tall caddy $73

due capre, photo ©SWAK Inc.Fortunately my husband is a last-minute shopper, so I still have a bit of time to come up with a list of things my guys can buy for me. Otherwise I fear what will happen if left to their own devices. I’m not the easiest person to buy for after all.

Today I am giving a way a skein of Due Capre yarn. It is too decadent to not share. Simply leave a comment with the color you would like to win, and we’ll randomly select one winner. You have until midnight tonight!

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46 thoughts on “December 5: Making a List

  1. Hollywood Cerise. Your Christmas ideas are the best. May have to put my name on your list and give it to the hubs!

    1. Congratulations Jennifer! You’re the winner. I have your prize aside for you. Please pick it up by January 31, or it will be put back in the prize hopper.

  2. I have never ventured into the land of cashmere. I think it’s time. Beautiful colors!
    I love the Hollywood Cerise!

  3. Sunset Regatta would be fantastic. Also, I’ll be in to get a couple of those Wrist Rulers for my bestie and I!!

    1. I think we may have sold that one on Saturday. Got a second choice or should we direct him to a gift card so you can pick one up when we get more in?

  4. I love both of the hanks pictured above but I cannot find either on the page for Mrs. Crosby Due Capre. That said, if neither of those colors are available, I like Claude. I definitely want one of the wrist rulers.

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