December 6: From the Heart


A few years back I started dying yarn. I didn’t set out to become a yarn dyer, but had a design in my head and couldn’t find the right yarn. So I started dying silk. And as with anything else that I tackle, I tend to dive in head first with my own take how to do it.

After the silk, I kept adding more yarns until I had built a tiny little yarn label and le Cœur yarns were born. Meaning from “the heart”, every one of these yarns are painted by hand with unique hues and color combinations.

Each one of the yarns in the le Cœur line are special and unique:


  • POSH, my first love. 100% pure mulberry silk. The colors I am able to create with this yarn are out of this world. Sadly, my supply for this yarn has dried up. That was the wee bit of bad news we brought back from market with us. If you’ve had your eye on this beauty, get some while you can.


  • CHEEKY, a textured blend of wool and mohair with a poly wrap. This beautiful blend gives off a unique sheen with lovely loft. The nearly solids are quite yummy, and the multi shades are painted with short repeats for a blended effect.


  • BIG, superwash at its best. Bouncy, springy, and accented with a unique spray dye effect. You’ll love knitting and crocheting with Big!


  • SNUG, a lovely blend of alpaca and merino. Soft and luscious to work with.  Color block painted multis, partnered with a rainbow of nearly solid shades.


I tend to dye more in the summer, when the warmer temps help speed up the drying process. This summer I added a two new color blocked shades to the SNUG line. Meet Fairy Tale and Ibiza:


And with the recent surge of interest in crochet, we decided that a crochet design for the le Cœur line was long overdue. Introducing Mireille:


Worked with just one skein of SNUG in an interesting wheel stitch, that really shows off the color block feature of this yarn.


The crocheters out there will be glad to know that LYKKE needles hasn’t forgotten about you either. Look at this beautiful set of hooks, new from LYKKE:

Lykke hooks

Ten hooks, sizes E-M in an attractive denim case with the sizes clearly marked on the end of the hook. Put a set of these on your Christmas list! $99.95

For those who prefer to knit, we have several original designs featuring the le Cœur yarn line:

ClaudetteMariposa Marina Sabine Gaby


Today is another double give away day!

mireilleCrocheters – today (and today only) the Mireille pattern is free. Download it today, for the link will go away tomorrow. (psst…if you missed out, the pattern is available for purchase on Raverly so don’t despair).And one lucky crocheter will win a skein of SNUG yarn. In the comments simply tell us that you’re a crocheter and which color of SNUG you’d like to win. You can see the full color line here.Rolled Brim Hat

Knitters – we have a free Rolled Brim Hat featuring BIG to share with everyone, and are giving away one skein of BIG to one lucky knitter. In the comments simply tell us that you’re a knitter and which color of BIG you’d like to win. You can see the full color line here.

You have until midnight tonight!






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37 thoughts on “December 6: From the Heart

  1. Oh my gosh, Keely, how did I miss that you have your own hand painted yarn line?!? That’s so impressive! You had me at machine washable with your Big yarn. It was hard to choose, but I love the Breezy color. So, today, I’m a knitter!!! Thanks for another awesome giveaway day!

  2. I am both a knitter and a crocheter, but I’ve had my eye on Big in Pinky for a while now, so that one.

    1. Congratulations Patrizia! You’re the winner. I have your prize aside for you. Please pick it up by January 31, or it will be put back in the prize hopper.

    1. Congratulations Betty! You’re the winner. I have your prize aside for you. Please pick it up by January 31, or it will be put back in the prize hopper.

      1. Thank you so much!
        Your 24 days of SWAK is so exciting! It’s like openinng an advent calendar with much bigger surprises!

  3. Knitter. I think one of my grandsons would look good in Dune. By the way, Posh is wonderful! Thank you so much for doing the 24 Days of SWAK, my feel good part of the day.

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