The Year of Celebration


We had a fabulous turnout for our 25th Anniversary Bash this past Saturday. A huge thank you to all who attended!

Reaching the quarter-century milestone is far too exciting to pack all of the celebrating into one day. This year is also filled with several personal milestones. I have a BIG birthday coming this summer (hint, I’ve had this business for half of my life). Mr. SWAK and I met on April Fools’ Day 20 years ago and have been inseparable since. Therefore I’ve declared 2018 the year of celebrating!

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If you missed out on the party, don’t worry. More fun events are already in the works. In the interim, we’re taking the party online.

Stay tuned for…

  • A walk down memory lane, with great pictures and stories from the past 25 years
  • Spotlight on exciting new yarns and products
  • Fun give-aways
  • Patterns, recipes, and other cool things I have up my sleeve


It will be like the 24 Days of SWAK sprinkled throughout the year! Check in often and keep in touch with us on social media for reminders. We’ll be sure to give a shout out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Ravelry when new posts are up.

My middle school students are still trying to teach me to use Snapchat, but so far it is just super awful selfies with dog ears. I won’t subject any of you to that eyesore.


To kick off the online festivities, today I am giving away swag bags from our party this past weekend. Simply leave a comment on this post stating how long you’ve been a SWAK customer and what color you’d like to win. I’ll choose three lucky winners. You have until Saturday, March 24th at midnight to get your name in the hat.

(psst..we are out of the teal green bags)

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26 thoughts on “The Year of Celebration

    1. Congratulations Mary! You’ve won a SWAK swag bag. Please pick up your prize by 6.30.18 or it will be put back in the prize hopper.

  1. I have been blessed by SWAK for 13 month! I have loved every minute of it. Both the blue and the red are my faves. Congratulations on 25 years, you have much to be proud of!

  2. I have be a “SWAKer” for about 4 years. About 3 ,moths after I moved to Oklahoma, I ventured out to Guthrie and found SWAK. Coming to Guthrie was one of the best decisions I ever made.

  3. I know I’ve been a customer for “years”! I shopped @ the little white house, and bought the pattern for “Keith’s socks” plus yarn of course. I also enjoyed when you had the additional store “SWAK in the City”! You were probably the first yarn store I’d ever been to. I think the only wool yarn I’d ever bought previously was “rug yarn,” much too scratchy! I always thought that I was allergic, because my wool coat I had as a child was so itchy @ the cuffs & neck. What a wonderous world of yarn you and your mom introduced so many of us to. Thank you and congratulations on this milestone of 25 years.
    My favorite color of the swag bag is blue, but I also like the burgundy. Either would make me happy!

    1. Congratulations Donna! You’ve won a SWAK swag bag. Please pick up your prize by 6.30.18 or it will be put back in the prize hopper.

  4. Goodness. I think I’ve been a customer since December 2016! Started knitting in September of 2016 and have been getting some fantastic tips, pointers, and especially products from SWAK. I appreciate you all.

  5. I’m sure I have been coming to SWAK for
    at least 22 years! Lots of sweaters, hats, socks, blankets, felted purses and scarves for mother, mother-in -law, husband, children, grandchildren and friends.
    Just wish I lived closer!

    My favorite color is the red/burgundy for the bag.

  6. I took my first knitting class in the little green house on Classen in OKC about 7 years ago and have been in love with yarn and knitting ever since then. I don’t get to Guthrie as much as I would like, but it is a treat to see new yarns and projects whenever I do get to go. I love the bright orange bag.

  7. I’ve been a SWAK customer when the store was in your home. I bought my first ever sock pattern and yarn there!! I like the burgundy bag.

  8. I have been a customer when I begged my husband to stop at your wonderful and amazing shop, about 3 1/2 years ago. The red/burgandy catches my eye, but I would be very happy to have any one of the beautiful colors!

  9. I had my own “fun” last weekend, recovering from a dental bone graft, so couldn’t make the party. (Would you believe I still had a baby tooth??? I had started down the path to a dental implant, but my body was not in agreement. The bone graft was the equivalent of filling in the hole and pretending this whole thing never happened, LOL.) I’m sure it was fabulous, as always!

    For my birthday in 2008, a friend said, “I’m going to take you to a REAL yarn store.” (I had just taken up knitting again after many decades). She ferried me to SWAK, and I knew it was my yarny home-away-from-home. I attended my first knit-out in 2010. I’ve learned so much about the “engineering” of knitting from you and the SWAK staff, Keely — about fibers, techniques, and more. Looking forward to celebrating with you this year!

    1. Congratulations Linda! You’ve won a SWAK swag bag. Please pick up your prize by 6.30.18 or it will be put back in the prize hopper.

  10. I have been a SWAK customer for two years. I absolutely love the store. All of the bags are really pretty but I think the blue one needs to be mine. Lol

  11. I remember the day I walked into your fabulous shop Keely! I had no idea you were one of the “B’s” I had been hearing about. What made it even better was that we were “Heels”. We had so much fun! Having Sherry “teach me to knit” is something I hope I never forget. I love that we have been friends for so long. Is that a pink bag or the red or…….

  12. I’ve had the privilege of being a SWAK customer for about 7 years! My favorite yarn shop anywhere. (i love the red bags)

  13. I have loved everything I have purchased from SWAK. I order by phone and always get great service and yarn super quick. All yarn is loved by me and I love purples or any color to knit with. Thanks K.❤️

  14. We somehow missed each other when I relocated to Langston from New Orleans and for a semester during hurricane Katrina (maybe the lack of car) but 6 months ago I used the ravelry travel app and found your adorable shop. Red is the color of divas!

  15. Geez…I found you when you were in the little house on Noble…how long ago was that?? SWAK is my favorite yarn store. (When I find myself in need of yarn and unable to get to Guthrie then go to another yarn place, I feel like I’m “cheating” on SWAK 🙂
    Love the blue or deep pink. Congrats on 25 year…and 20years with Mr. SWAK!!

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