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A big shipment of Joy Susan handbags just arrived, in a rainbow of colors. We are loving these bags! Lightweight, well organized, and affordably priced.


These crossbody clutches are the perfect travel purse. Included are both a wristlet and a long strap for great versatility!


We also flipped over these new cell phone purses from Save the Girls!


These cute little bags have a special pocket for your phone, that allows you to use your phone without removing it from your purse! Each bag comes with a long strap, and features inside storage compartments.

The founder of Save the Girls was inspired when two family members contracted breast cancer. Many women tend to stash their phone in their bra, and the radiation is not good for the “girls.” Her concept was to devise a better solution to keep your phone at hand, without resorting to bras or tiny pockets. The company donates a portion of the profits from the sales of these spectacular touch screen purses to breast cancer research.


I am not a fragrance person. Between mom’s respiratory issues and everyone else in my world’s allergies, I just had to give up on perfume. I duck and run to avoid the salesperson trying to spritz you in the mall.

But thanks to the gals at MyMixologie, I am a changed woman.


These roller ball perfumes are the bomb! The scents are soft & subtle, and designed to layer and mix. We just love them!


This is the same company that makes the Top Shelf lotion we brought in last fall. It has quickly become my go-to lotion. I’m not really much of a lotion person either, but with dry skin it is a necessity. It is non-greasy and really stays with you. Even though I already have a cabinet full of various lotions at home, I really think I’m going to toss them all in the trash. Top Shelf is truly tops in my book!


We have something for nearly everyone, and love to share special finds like these with all of you!


Today we’re giving away a MyMixologie roller ball perfume AND one of these floral Joy Susan bags. Simply leave a comment stating:

  • which fragrance you’d like to win (ASSURED/natural, ELECTRIC/citrus twist, FREE/ocean mist, INSPIRED/rose floral, POISED/clean breeze, SULTRY/wild must, SERENE/light floral, TENDER/fruity, TENACIOUS/crisp vanilla, CHARMED/shot of spice)
  • and if you’d like a black or white bag

We’ll randomly select three lucky winners. You have until Friday, May 11 to get your name in the hat. Prizes must be picked up no later than 7.31.18.

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32 thoughts on “Cool Stuff

  1. I love the Mixologie rollerballs, gave one to each of my girls for Easter, I would love Tenacious. The purses are all so great, gave all my girls the crossbody clutches and they really love them. I would pick the black bag.

  2. I would choose the bag with the black background & the inspired/rose floral scent.

    I always enjoyed my grandma’s roses. We granddaughters were allowed to pick her roses anytime. She had various types. When an uncle, from out-of-state would send her flowers, including roses, after a few days, she would stick the stems in the ground, cover with a glass jar, and usually, @ least a third of them would root, for new rose bushes. Seems I remember her dipping the stem in a special root growing powder she purchased somewhere.

    Sadly, I did not inherit her green thumb.

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