December 3: Henry

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Meet Henry. He’s my new little kitten that I rescued behind the shop a few months ago.

Gladys_KravitzWe’ve had trouble with neighbors and such this past year, so we installed an outdoor security camera out back so I could keep an eye on our stuff. We can’t have anyone stealing our gigantic rooster, who still doesn’t have a name. I call our surveillance my Mrs. Kravitz cam, and just like Gladys I am obsessed anytime it picks up a person or noise after dark.

One Sunday night at the end of September, I received a Mrs. Kravitz cam alert that there was a loud noise. It was a cat yowling loudly and continually. I had been watching a black alley cat who prowls around so I was worried that he was hurt or trapped. I convinced Keith and Mason to rush to my shop with me, only to find a tiny kitten hiding up underneath a car in the parking lot. Once we determined he was okay, we tried to leave but he’d cry whenever we’d walk away. Next thing you know, I have a kitten in my car and a husband declaring NO MORE CATS.


I honestly tried to find him a new home, to no avail. After a few weeks we were all attached. He is quite the cat! Henry often accompanies me to the shop, and is happy to be carried around by customers.

If the 24 Days of SWAK had started a few months ago, I’d be offering a cute kitten as a prize today. But he won us over, my husband included, so he’s part of our family now.

Since I can’t give you a kitten to pet, I have the next best thing.


Meet Alpine, a fur yarn from Sirdar that feels so fabulous you’ll forget that it is faux fur! Works up quick and affordably priced at $6.50/50gm


Two skeins knits this cozy cowl. If you still have your heart set on a kitten you can knit yourself a cat with 3 skeins…or a bear.


Today we’re giving away TWO SKEINS of ALPINE and the pattern to knit the cowl to one lucky winner. I need help thinking of a name for our gigantic rooster. Simply leave a comment with a name for the rooster and what color of Alpine you’d like to win. You can see the colors here. You have until midnight tonight to get your name in for the drawing. Sorry, drawing is over!


Both boy and girl names will be considered. We found the story of Beyoncé the Rooster quite inspiring, and for all we know he could identify as a hen.


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41 thoughts on “December 3: Henry

  1. I don’t want to be considered for the yarn prize, thank you. But I submit “Vincent van Coq” (Vincent for short) for your consideration. 🙂

  2. Foghorn Leghorn is the famous rooster that comes to my mind. But you should name him Sealy after the Bones character who wore a belt buckle that said “cocky” on it.

  3. First, thank you for rescuing/adopting Henry. He seems to be a very sweet boy.

    I would suggest the rooster be named Coquelicot (KO-KE-LEE-KOH).

    Alpine comes on such beautiful colors, I would love the Oxblood.

    Hugs to Henry!

  4. #405 Oxblood
    “H.J. Whitely” – the one who persuaded Congress to make Guthrie the 1st Capital of Oklahoma and land developer

  5. lynx or oxblood for me…of course I’ll have to purchase extra so I can knit an adorable pet.
    Rooster name: Cogburn

    1. Congratulations! You’ve won two skeins of Sirdar Alpine. Please pick up your prize before 1/31/19 or it will be put back in the prize hopper.

  6. This rooster looks Spanish to me. I’m submitting: Chiquito Pollito. I would love a cowl in Oxblood.

  7. Seal please (aka “Henry gray”). And Leghorn and Cogburn get my vote. But he resembles a Welsummer breed. I love Henry’s little white goatee!

  8. I would like the yarn in “Polar”. And I think that gorgeous rooster should be Sir High Cockalorum.

  9. Before I even finished reading I thought he should be named Beyonce. (I love that story.)

    I would like the seal.

  10. My choice for name would be Roofus Rooster!
    The color for the Alpine faux fur that I would choose to knit this cowl in is the #403 Brindle.

    By the way, Henry is a very lucky and beautiful cat. Love his white goatee and gold eyes!!!

  11. Henry is adorable! I would like the Panther Alpine yarn as we have our own house panther – a black cat named Onyx. As for the rooster, Cluck Norris.

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