Box No. 1 – Left Hand Crochet Instructions

Left Handed Crochet Instructions for Beginner Box No. 1:
How to Make a Slip Knot:
How to Chain:
How to Single Crochet through the Back Loop: Single Crochet stitches are typically worked through both loops of a stitch. For this scarf, we will only be working into the back loop.
How to Fasten Off:
How to Add Fringe (optional): You may finish your scarf with fringe if you like. Be sure to leave enough yarn for fringe before binding off.
How to Work in Ends: If adding fringe, the ends can simply be pulled in with the fringe. If not adding fringe, or if you needed to add a second ball of yarn, work in the ends as follows:
How to Add a New Yarn: If you run out of yarn and need to add a second ball, leave about a 6" tail on both the ending and beginning yarn, and simply start working with the new yarn.
How to Join into a Circle with a Slip Stitch (optional): This is how you seam your scarf in to a ring to form an infinity scarf. Be sure to leave last loop on hook. Do not fasten off. Do not cut yarn.