89'ers Day

Tomorrow is Guthrie’s annual celebration of the Land Run. The biggest event of the year, 89’ers Day activities have been going on all week, culminating with a huge parade on Saturday.

This is an old parade photo, probably from the 1930’s. The scene outside our door hasn’t changed too much, except I do have to say that this crowd is far more dressed up than what we’ll see tomorrow.
If you too love a parade, come up for the fun. The streets will be blocked off, but you can access us by parking in the back lot. Parade starts at noon, so access in and out of downtown will be impossible from about 11:45 to 1:45. If you prefer to avoid the parade, wait and come after 2.
Mason’s Kindergarten class has been selling flats of flowers and vegetables to buy books for his class. His teacher will be selling these, along with homemade stick horses in front of our store. These plants are from our commercial greenhouse, Guthrie Greenhouse that isn’t open to the public so this is a great opportunity! Cost is $20/flat.
There is also a big carnival in town. Come to Guthrie and enjoy a fun family day, with all of the charm our small town has to offer!

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  • donnajmiller

    22.04.2013 at 13:56

    Keely, thank you so much for the buttonhole lesson today! I really do appreciate you and your shop