A Beautiful Mess

We’ve been anxious to start Phase II of our beautification process. We completed Phase I just before Christmas, and now have a beautiful new fa├žade:
Next up: tackling the big hole in the floor that’s formed in the middle of the shop. It’s a complicated problem, with an extremely frustrating backstory. I’ll save it for when I write my memoirs. It looks as if we may finally get to the bottom of it, and took the first steps toward beginning repairs yesterday by moving the counter and vacating the affected area.
IMG_2301It isn’t easy to move a 14 foot counter, especially when I have my heart set on moving it to the back of the shop…and it’s too long to fit through the opening.
The guys took pity on me and devised a strategy to flip the monstrosity up in the air, and it just squeezed through. It was touch-and-go if it would work, and if the counter would even survive the extreme move. Fortunately the counter is still in one piece, and no one got squished.
Some might see my current conundrum as a problem, I see it as an opportunity to take my display talents to a whole new level and over the course of the next few days I will be doing exactly that while getting the shop back in order.IMG_2300
We’re in a bit of a mess, but we’re open!
It is quite unfortunate that I have to keep saying this, but we have a pack of lurking trolls who like to take advantage of things like┬áthis to claim that we’re out of business. Heck, I pulled a ladder out last week to┬ápaint one wall and it resulted in several phone calls from people worried that we were closing.
So please spread the word – we are OPEN, we aren’t going anywhere, we are just doing some repairs…or some days just using a ladder. Geez!

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  • karyndm

    22.05.2015 at 11:59 Reply

    I can’t wait to see it done. It will be worth the wait.

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