A Great Weekend

It was a lovely weekend! We hosted the fabulous Judy Kelley¬†and her beautiful gourds¬†at Saturday evening’s Art Walk.
Judy’s¬†work is outstanding!
artwalk2 artwalk
While everyone at the shop was enjoying Judy’s artwork and company, I was away visiting family.
Mason rode horses on the farm where my grandfather was born in Geronimo, that is still operated by my family. I also took my guys to see the sights and do the things I and my family have done for 5 generations.trip
It wasn’t all play – we also made¬†a stop at a fabulous lavender farm, although that may not totally count as working.
We saw rare breeds of peacocks, smelled over ten varieties of lavender, and brought several lovely plants home for our Mrs. Crosby Tea Social in May.
We have another good time coming up this weekend. Join us Saturday for double whammy.
Starting at 10 is a fun class on this very Modern Shawl.
320-150418.1 320-150418.2
89erThen at noon the annual 89er Parade kicks off. Ya gotta love a parade,¬†and we have front row seats for this nearly 2 hour event. The carnival also rolls into town on Wednesday, so you know where I’ll be! For a full list of the 89er festivities, check out the official 89er Days Celebration website.
And with the parade comes parking issues. This year they’re shutting down street parking on both Friday and Saturday for a car show on Friday night. No, I’m not a bit happy about that! Unfortunately I’m not in charge, so we just have to deal with it.
So if you’re coming to see us Friday or Saturday, park in the back and come in the back door. Friday there will be no traffic issues, just streets shut down during the¬†day for no reason. Saturday, you want to get here no later than 11-11:30. After that you won’t be able to get anywhere near downtown, and will be stuck here until at least 2:30. If you need help navigating your way through the 89er traffic, just give us a shout.
Come up and see us!

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