A New Look

Our SWAK NEWS blog has a whole new look! If you had difficulty accessing the blog last week, we encountered an unexpected problem involving auto-updates. Pushing that cute little “auto-update” button seemed like a good idea at the time, but it wound up crashing the blog every morning at 3am. I felt like I was trapped in that Groundhog Day movie with Bill Murray. The only thing missing was Sonny and Cher singing “I Got You Babe” to me each morning. If you haven’t seen this movie classic, you really should add it to your list.
After much frustration and lots of help from Richard & Gary at Pantek, we are back in action. In the process, we somehow managed to wind up with a whole new look!
If you click on the little icon at the upper left, the menu with links to free patterns, recipes, etc. will appear.
Our link for videos has gone away, but don’t worry. They’ll be back in a new format in the near future. It will give you something to look forward to.
We had a great time dying yarn last Saturday!
If you’re kicking yourself for missing out, don’t fret. I’m sure we’ll do it again this fall.
Our class this Saturday is for the Dame Audrey sock featuring Mrs. Crosby’s Train Case yarn.
I’ll also be giving a Flash Class at 1pm on the Double Needle Cast On. This is the cast on you want to use for expandable or angled edges. It is an advanced cast on, but worth the effort. I became quite frustrated with instructions calling for the Knit Cast On in this instance. I had a few choice words, but you’ll have to come to class to hear my rant.
Hope you can join us!

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