A New Year of Learning

Learn something new this year! We kick off our 2014 class schedule tomorrow with our first Saturday offering of Knit with SWAK. Need help with a project*, or just want to get out of the house and knit? We’ll be here all day for knitting (and crochet too).
We also start the first of our new Flash Classes. Tomorrow at 1 the topic will be increasing. If you knit, you need this class!
While we’ll review the basic bar and make one increases, what I really want to show everyone is how to do lifted increases and when you can use them. Not many knitters are familiar with this most invisible of all the increases. I will be teaching both the right and left leaning versions. Most instructions only give the right version so it will be worth your while to come and learn both.
Class is free, the laminated set of increase reference cards is $7.50.
I slowly am starting to make a dent in stack of stuff that piled up while I was laid up with the flu. The new Beginner Bunch, Take Three pattern booklet is finally complete filled with thirteen great projects to knit and crochet.

This is one of three companion booklets for our upcoming Beginner Bunch class on January 18, filled with great projects for new knitters and crocheters.
Check out our January schedule for more great classes, including Flash Classes on seaming and short rows.
As always, classes are free. *Projects must use yarn purchased at SWAK.

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