August Trunk Shows

Two great trunk shows just arrived from Classic Elite. Starting this season, we will bring you a video report so we can share more about these great shows in person.
Rosamond Frances Rebecca Olivia
Our current two shows are for Mesa, from the self-titled pattern booklet and Liberty Wool Light (solids and prints) from the new Spectrum booklet.
Here is our full report –

When we went to style these two shows using the clothing we offer for sale, I fully intended to separately style each piece. The mannequin was already dressed with our coffee pants and khaki shell. Much to our surprise, every single item in these two shows looked fabulous with the same pants and shell.

I have my coffee pants on today and they are so comfortable to wear. This color goes with so much. I only have a few pairs left (and am almost out of the shells as well). These are two great basic pieces definitely worth investing in – think of all the different looks you can create!
We look forward to bringing more of these trunk show reports to you throughout the season.
Hopefully my live filming will improve – school starts next week so that will definitely help. My filming turned out awful blurry, but I now have 2 wiggly boys here playing and there is no way I am going to get to redo that today! Blurry or not, you get the idea.
These two shows will be on display through August 24. Come in and check them out while they’re here!

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