Back to Reality

I’m back from Mexico. This was my view last week-
Needless to say I haven’t exactly been excited to be back home. It would help if felt even a little bit like fall outside!
A few new things rolled in that are helping lift my spirits a bit. Check out these new tote bags!
The small bags are $7.50, large bags $9.50. A great buy!
folio1 folio2
We also received a trunk show from Berroco, featuring garments knit in Folio. All of these patterns can be found in booklet #344. Love this yarn!
Check out this cute little magazine from England! Pompon quarterly features knitting, crochet, crafts, fashion, art and food. $19.95
Zumie Cowl & Hat
Don’t miss out on the Zumie Hat/Cowl class this Saturday from 10-3. Quick and easy, you may very well leave with a finished project!
We are going to have to reschedule Saturday’s Flash Class on Error Correction. The class has been moved to Saturday, November 15 at 1pm.
I will be away again until Monday, but instead of sipping margaritas I will be slurping Jello. I broke a tooth at Christmas and am just now getting around to getting it fixed, so I’m off to the oral surgeon.
And no vacation post would be complete without a picture of my little guy.
This pretty much sums up how he felt about my constant picture taking!

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