Video instruction for each step as you knit a simple scarf, from beginning to end!

how to make a slip knot
how to cast on

This cast on is called the long tail cast on. There are dozens of ways to cast on. We find this the most useful, general purpose, and a great cast on for someone just learning.

how to make a knit stitch

The American method of knitting is by throwing the yarn with your right hand. We find it best to begin this way. As you progress you may want to experiment with other ways of holding the yarn. You may also thread the yarn through your fingers for more tension on the yarn.

If you find yourself wanting to wrap the yarn with your left hand, you may be a “continental” knitter. We will be happy to teach you this method of knitting in-person.

how to bind off
how to add fringe (optional)

You may finish your scarf with fringe if you like. Be sure to leave enough yarn for fringe before binding off.

how to work in ends

If adding fringe, the ends can simply be pulled in with the fringe. If not adding fringe, or if you needed to add a second ball of yarn, work in the ends as follows:

how to add a new yarn

If you run out of yarn and need to add a second ball, this is how you add a new yarn. If you run into a knot in your yarn, you need to stop, cut out the yarn where the knot is, and add it in the same manner.

how to join into a circle (optional)

This is how you seam your scarf in to a ring to form an infinity scarf. Be sure to leave a length of yarn for seaming, approximately 12-15″ long before binding off.