Bon Voyage

SWAK and most of the crew will be leaving tomorrow for our great knitting adventure. We fly to Boston, then hop on a cruise ship through New England and Canada. The highlight of our trip will be a fabulous workshop in Halifax with designers Jane Thornley and Ilga Leja.
We’ll be back at the end of the month, with great pictures and stories to share upon our return. There will be 14 in our group, including Mason who has always wanted to visit Maine. Portland is one of our stops. I finally thought to ask him WHY he wants to go to Maine. His answer – because it is at the top of the US map. There ya go!
While we are away, Anna, Megan and Shawndalynn will be holding down the fort in our absence. Anna has been around for years, but not working as much lately due to some health issues. She’s my steady right hand, always coming through for me and I’m so glad to have her.
Many of you know Megan from our Knit Out fashion shows. She has been helping us out this summer. And Shawndalynn is my trusty sidekick who hangs out with me out the shop much of the time. Hang out with me too much and I’ll find something for you to do!
Please be patient with them while we’re away. It will be business as usual in our absence, so come in and keep them company.
saleIn other news, we had a fabulous celebration on Saturday. Our summer sales are usually wild, and this one did not disappoint.
Up until the past few years I would celebrate my birthday for the entire month of June, a tradition I started after a string of horrid birthdays. So when we hit our 20 year milestone for SWAK this year, it was way too big of a thing to cram into one day. That’s why we’ve been finding fun ways to celebrate it through out the year. And I’m not through!
Along with our huge sale, we had a party going on too. I made a huge cake and lots of other treats. I tried a new drink recipe and it was quite a hit. Many asked for the recipe – here it is:

Honey-Peach Tea Fizz

  • 8 regular size ginger peach tea bags
  • 4 cups boiling water
  • 1/2 cup honeytea
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1-2 liter bottle ginger ale, chilled
  • 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

Steep tea bags in boiling water. Stir in honey and sugar until dissolved; cool completely. Combine tea, chilled ginger ale and fresh lemon juice. Serve over ice.
After school starts, I’ll get back into my usual groove and  share some more way-back-when posts with you. Working with wiggly boy during the summer is both a joy…and a challenge.
We have lots of fun events and classes on the schedule for fall, plus I’m already planning another fantasy knitting vacation.
Stay tuned!

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