We’ve gone COCO¬†for Cocoknits!
Are you constantly fishing stitch markers, cable needles, and other what-nots out of the couch cushions? Me too! You’re among good company. So basically¬†EVERYONE needs one of these…
Maker's Keep
This¬†nifty Maker’s Keep features a brushed steel-plated magnet on a silicone strap bracelet so everything sticks! Cocoknits has fabulous do-dads designed to stick to the Maker’s Keep including cable needles, row counters, stitch fixers, tapestry needles, and stitch markers.
Cable Needles Knitting Row Counter Stitch Fixer Tapestry NeedlesPrecious Metal Stitch Markers Colored Stitch Markers Colored Opening Stitch MarkersColored Stitch Markers
The Maker’s Keep is available in¬†four different¬†silicone band shades: Duck Egg, Tangerine, Chartreuse, and Slate. $20
Maker's Keep

Cocoknits blocking and sweater care kits are absolutely fabulous!
Knitter's BlockSweater Care Kit
Knitter’s Block includes 18 foam, interlocking blocking mats. Unlike similar products, the Cocoknits version has a very low, lightly barbed pile fabric covering that gently grips your knitting without¬†pilling or leaving fibers. Also included is a tin of stainless steel, rust-free T-pins and a Check Your Gauge Cloth, with a 1″ gingham grid pattern.
Washing knit garments is a snap with the Sweater Care Kit. Included are two large super-absorbent towels, two fine mesh zippered laundry bags, a pop-up dryer, and a bottle of Eucalan all packaged in a jute bag.

Other nifty tools include these hand-forged Yarn Snips. Are you tired of others in your household swiping your knitting scissors from your bag? They’ll leave these alone! These are truly SNIPS, and only work for snipping yarn ends. They’ll have to look elsewhere for scissors!
Yarn Snips
These Stitch Stoppers are the bomb! Other stitch stoppers simply set on the tips of your needle, ready to pop off. Cocoknits Stitch Stoppers slide all the way down your needle, and they stay put! Available in colorful, or neutral shades.
Stitch Stoppers Stitch Stoppers
We also love Claw Clips, and the Leather Cord and Needle Stitch Holder Kit!
Claw ClipsLeather Cord and Needle Stitch Holder

Cocoknits is the label of designer Julie Weisenberger, known for her signature method of tailored seamless sweater construction. Watch for an upcoming class this October on the Cocoknits Method! Cocoknits Sweater Workshop and Sweater Worksheet Journals are in stock now.
Cocoknits Sweater WorkshopSweater Worksheet Journal

Lastly, we have a fabulous new addition to the Cocoknits line in stock now. Cocoknits isn’t officially releasing¬†this new item to the public until October 1st, so you have to come in and check it out for yourself. We are bound to secrecy by Cocoknits otherwise, and are only permitted to show you this…
Come on in – you can open this tin and see what is inside!

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