Play Date with Color
The other day we were having a discussion about the one thing that really makes or breaks a project and the one factor that stood out above the rest was COLOR! You can have excellent technique and outstanding design, but if the colors are not good it will ruin the result.  On the other hand, a wonderful combination of color can transform a simple piece into something outstanding.
Do you wish you had a flair for color? We have partnered with our friends at Classic Elite Yarns and are bringing you a Play Date with Color this Saturday.
During this incredible class you will . . .

  • Learn to use Classic Elite’s new Color Grid to combine colors for a spectacular result
  • Apply the color combinations to create your own signature look, including patterns for this ascot and mittens
  • Gain confidence and tools to help you select color combinations for your future projects

Play Date with Color - Mittens Play Date with Color - Ascot
Included in the $40 materials fee are . . .

  • Color Grid ($8.50 value)
  • Four to six half-skeins of Color by Kristen yarn to use as accent colors for your project. (10.50/skein)
  • Two patterns
  • Color Grid, Coloring Sheets and Charts

We also happen to have the perfect instructor for this class. In addition to being an accomplished knitter, Laura is an artist. Her knitwear, quilts and rugs are works of art. We are in awe of her ability to combine color and texture.
Come Saturday and get inspired! Class is from 10-3. You’ll kick yourself for missing this one!
Speaking of getting inspired, this is what the beginning of a new design looks like . . .
Design Inspiration
We have FORTY colors of Classic Elite’s Seedling in delicious solid and handpaint shades. I can hardly wait to get the design process started!

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