Cozy Flip Coat

When Berroco first presented their lineup of new yarn for fall, I immediately gravitated towards Mochi and Artesia. While they both work up beautifully alone, some yarns just belong together!

I was inspired to create something quick & simple that would feel as if you were wearing a cozy blanket, without looking like you were wearing one! After many false starts, I finally realized the perfect project was buried in our pattern archives.

Nearly fifteen years ago mom created a clever Flip Coat, worked with a lightweight mohair. I decided to use Mochi and Artesia double stranded, bumped up the gauge, and out popped the new & improved Cozy Flip Coat.

What is really cool about this coat is you can wear it as a long coat with a narrow collar, or FLIP it over and it transforms into a short jacket with a wide collar. Two looks, one project! The light & lofty Mochi, combined with Artesia hand dyed mohair, creates a lightweight and airy fabric. You will love wearing this coat!

I have put together color combinations to inspire you! Our sample was knit with Mochi #3202 & Artesia #4805

Mochi 3202 – Artesia 4805
Mochi 3203 – Artesia 4809
Mochi 3204 – Artesia 4808
Mochi 3206 – Artesia 4801
Mochi 3208 – Artesia 4805
Mochi 3212 – Artesia 4802
Mochi 3219 – Artesia 4809
Mochi 3223 – Artesia 4804
Mochi 3223 – Artesia 4808
Mochi 3225 – Artesia 4804
Mochi 3225 – Artesia 4807

cozy flip coat tutorial

We have put together a great tutorial illustrating techniques used in the Cozy Flip Coat including the crochet cast on, sewing a flat garter seam, and how to pick up and knit. This coat is simple enough for a beginner to make!

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