December 1: Let the Games Begin!

I can hardly believe it’s already December. This year has flown by!
Our 24 Days of SWAK was another one of my kooky ideas that has turned into an annual tradition. When we started this holiday madness back in in 2009 Mason was only two years old.
24 Days of SWAK
Now he’s eight! Each¬†year he helps me decorate the tree. This year I noticed that instead¬†of all the ornaments being placed on the bottom third of the tree, we’ve moved to a big band of ornaments in the middle. Mrs. Claus¬†may have snuck in last night and moved a few around.
24 Days of SWAK
I decided we should kick off this year’s fun with a bang, and could think of no better way than to give away gift cards¬†today.
This will require a little audience participation. How many years have you been participating in the 24 Days of SWAK? Have you been with us since the beginning, is this your first year, etc. Leave a comment to put your name in the hat for the drawing.
Be sure to share this post with like-minded yarnies – the more the merrier! Here’s a little motivation:

  • We’re giving away ONE¬†gift card for the first 10 comments.
  • If we get 20 comments, we’ll give away THREE $20 gift cards.
  • If we get 30 comments, we’ll give away FIVE $20 gift cards.

and so forth. We’ll keep upping the ante (and your chances of winning) as the comments go up. The comments need to be from actual yarn enthusiasts, one per person. Multiple comments from the same contender will only count as one in the grand scheme of things.
The best advertising is word of mouth, so if you love this promotion please spread the word to others who might love it too!
You have until midnight tonight, so get busy and I’ll start getting the gift cards ready!


  • mrldz

    01.12.2015 at 05:33 Reply

    I have been participating for 3 years. It is so much fun.

  • machelle

    01.12.2015 at 06:07 Reply

    I have been participating in the 24 days of SWAK since it started in 2009 and I look forward to it every year.

  • socks

    01.12.2015 at 07:30 Reply

    I discovered 24 Days of SWAK two years ago. It is my own advent calendar – a special treat every day until Christmas!
    Thanks, Keely, for sharing with us!

  • hthrldwg

    01.12.2015 at 08:09 Reply

    I have participated in the past, but think I somehow managed to skip last year. Terrible of me!

  • mschoir01

    01.12.2015 at 08:35 Reply

    I have been in on the 24 days of SWAK since 2010 – it’s such fun to look each day for the surprise du jour! It’s a great treat, as others have already said. Love it!

  • kjarred

    01.12.2015 at 09:01 Reply

    I have been here since the beginning!!

  • ckupe

    01.12.2015 at 09:24 Reply

    Well, I have signed up at some point, but had to reset my password. So, I would say I haven’t participated enough – my first year.

  • Melann526

    01.12.2015 at 09:31 Reply

    I think I’ve been here from the beginning! I remember when you just did 12 days, so it’s definitely been a while!

  • mkinser

    01.12.2015 at 09:52 Reply

    I have been part of 24 Days of SWAK since 2010 for sure. It’s so much fun I don’t remember what year was my first.

    • keely

      03.12.2015 at 11:39 Reply

      Congratulations! You’ve won a $20 gift certificate. We’ve emailed it to you, so be sure to check your mail.

  • Heidi

    01.12.2015 at 10:20 Reply

    Been going to SWAK since 2012 but this is my first year to take part in the 24 Days of Christmas.

  • jwoods

    01.12.2015 at 12:33 Reply

    This is my 1st yr. to participate…looking forward to all the fun….Happy Holidays ahead!

  • Betty

    01.12.2015 at 13:30 Reply

    I think I have been participating since the beginning. I know my first prizes were picked up @ “SWAK in the City! This is truly one of my best highlights of the Christmas season!

    • keely

      03.12.2015 at 11:38 Reply

      Congratulations! You’ve won a $20 gift certificate. We’ve emailed it to you, so be sure to check your mail.

      • Betty

        03.12.2015 at 13:43 Reply

        How exciting for me! Thank you for sharing “The 24 Days of SWAK” with all your fans!
        I hope to redeem my GC soon and do some Christmas shopping at the same time!

  • jlbeene83

    01.12.2015 at 15:12 Reply

    I’m pretty sure that I have participated from the beginning! I look forward to it every year!!

  • karyndm

    01.12.2015 at 15:45 Reply

    I am a newbie as this is my second year. I sure look forward to the 24 Days of SWAK. It is the first thing I check on my iPad in the morning.

  • pindy4176

    01.12.2015 at 16:43 Reply

    This is my second year. It was so much fun last year – your creativity is fun and inspiring!

  • JudySmith

    01.12.2015 at 18:43 Reply

    I can’t believe it but I have been reading the 24 Days of SWAK since the beginning. So far I haven’t missed a day, hope to continue my perfect record.
    Keep working your creativemindKeely.

  • Yarntramp

    01.12.2015 at 19:40 Reply

    I think I have been here since the beginning. You would think I would get this knit thing down by now.

  • rczb

    01.12.2015 at 19:58 Reply

    I think I’ve been in on this from the beginning, though I may have missed a year with computer problems. I remember winning a Snuggie (which I passed on to someone who doesn’t know how to make their own afghan!)

    • keely

      03.12.2015 at 11:38 Reply

      Congratulations! You’ve won a $20 gift certificate. We’ve emailed it to you, so be sure to check your mail.

      • rczb

        03.12.2015 at 19:12 Reply

        Thank you, Keely!

  • Jana

    01.12.2015 at 21:11 Reply

    I’ve participated very little in the past, but I told Keely that I’m really looking forward to the 24 days this year. So it’s feeling like my first year. Happy 24 Days, Everybody!

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