December 10 – Getting Stripey

I love to design with color, often calling myself a rectangle artist. Motifs are my thing and I can make just about any picture with knit stitches. In fact, Vogue Knitting once called ME when they wanted to feature a leopard print design in one of their magazines.  Usually you have to submit ideas in order to get published, so that was pretty cool.
Since wearing sweaters covered with motifs is no longer chic, except for the occasional ugly Christmas sweater party, I don’t get inspired do much intarsia design work anymore.

I did get the itch last spring and came out with our Rebeka’s Blanket pattern, and that was a lot of fun. It was also a lot of work so no, it isn’t the free pattern today. The blanket works up quick, despite the intarsia element, but the pattern is huge and took a lot of time to chart and write.

But this blanket has taken on a life of its own, inspiring many easy baby blankets based on one simple striped square.  We have so many people making this striped blanket that I figured it deserved its own pattern.
Today’s gift to you is the Sprout Baby Blanket pattern, knit with everyone’s favorite organic cotton – Sprout. No rush to download, it’s staying around.
If you are inspired to try your hand intarsia knitting, Rebeka’s Blanket is a great introduction.  It is also proof that I can do simple, since I am ordinarily known for extreme intarsia knitting.
The other day someone asked if I had made anything in camo.  This is how I knit camouflage-

Did any of you really expect me to use that acrylic yarn? As if!
And I like to do leopard print-

I’ve done every state flag, and most of the countries. I have a thing for flags.

But probably one of the most extreme sweaters I’ve designed and knit is our 12 Days of Christmas. We all know I have a thing for that theme!

I always like to show the reverse side just for kicks-

Currently I have our collection of intarsia sweaters tucked away in a dresser in the back. If you’re ever interested, come take a peek. I don’t want to scare people off thinking we only do intense things (or design for ugly Christmas sweater parties).
And about those parties – I’m not a fan. Not cool to make fun of festive people, even the overly festive. 20 years ago if you showed up at a party not covered in holiday bling, we would probably have made fun of you. So if you were thinking about asking to borrow one of my nearly 20 year old sweaters to wear to a party, it had better be to a “that’s an amazing sweater” party.
Because intarsia is pretty darn amazing.

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  • 61st lat knitter

    11.12.2012 at 00:27

    Thanks for having the Alaska flag figure so prominently! I’m proud to continue to be a part of the SWAK family.