December 10: Houndstooth

I set out to design a new pattern for Toboggan. We love this yarn, but couldn’t find a fab pattern for a new model. I have been admiring how all of the colors look together, and finally settled on two.
The skeins sat around on my desk for at least a week while I pondered how to best use them, and decided on a slip stitch pattern. I started playing around with it when visions of houndstooth popped in my head.
Love houndstooth, always have. I used to have a killer houndstooth jacket that I probably spent 2 paychecks to buy at Balliets, back when I was young and fashion was my main priority. Would wear it with a short black mini, big hair, and bright red lipstick. I probably looked ridiculous, but pretty much everyone did back then.
While I still love traditional black and white houndstooth, I wanted to go for an unconventional look with two less contrasting colors. This cowl is the final result –
Houndstooth Cowl
It is super quick and easy to knit – I promise! Toboggan is available in a fantastic range of analogous shades, or complementary ones if you prefer a more traditional contrast.
You have plenty of time to make one of these before Christmas! My gift today is this hot-off-the-press, Houndstooth Cowl pattern. Download it today, for it will be gone tomorrow.
Oops, you missed out but the Houndstooth Cowl pattern is available for purchase!
Hopefully the ice will start melting today. Come up and let us help you pick out great colors for this cowl, or shop online and have it delivered to your door!

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  • pindy4176

    10.12.2013 at 07:12 Reply

    I love houndstooth, too, Keely, so am queueing this up – thanks!

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