December 13: Get Hooked

We’re not just about knitting, we dig crochet too! In fact, we revamped our class schedule so it will allow us to incorporate more crochet into our offerings.
Starting in January, we will offer three recurring classes:
Knit with SWAK – basically a Saturday version of our current Tuesday/Thursday get togethers. Once monthly this will be a day designated for help with projects, including crochet.
Perhaps we should call it “Knit and Crochet with SWAK”, but that gets a little wordy. So when we use the term “knit”, we mean crochet too! Come for help, or just to sit and knit. As with all classes, this is for projects purchased at SWAK.

Sweater Girls – one of our classic offerings is back. Whether you’re a seasoned sweater knitter looking to expand your knowledge or ready to start your very first sweater, Sweater Girls is for you!
We will help select the right style, pattern, and yarn to suit you and your skill level. You do not need to be an expert to make a sweater…I promise! Again, crocheters welcome too.

Beginner Bunch– another SWAK classic is back! We have THREE booklets filled with project suggestions for new knitters.
Whether you’ve never knit or crochet before or are looking to expand your skills, we can help you out!

We’ll have one or two project classes every month:
with l’Enveloppe on the January schedule. This is another really cool and stylish design from Sally Melville. Laura has almost finished our sample so I hope to have pics of it to show soon!

Introducing Flash Classes:
Interspersed within these regularly scheduled classes will be quick mini-classes focusing on a single technique.
On the January schedule are flash classes for increasing, short-rows, and ladder stitch. These mini-classes will last 30-60 minutes, with laminated reference cards available so you can remember when you get home.
Check our class schedule for dates and times, and sign up online anytime.
Now that you’ve read my informercial for our revamped class schedule, I do have a prize for you today.
We have a new Beginner Bunch workbook in the works (as in sitting on my desk needing me to hurry up and finish it), however I have a sneak preview pattern from the new booklet to share with you today.
Crochet Mitt
These crochet mitts work up quick in Classic Elite’s Liberty Wool Light.
Download your free advance copy of this pattern today, for it will go away tomorrow.
Oops, you’re too late. Watch for this pattern in our upcoming Beginner Bunch.
Whenever I tackle a crochet design, I can’t help but approach it from a knitting perspective. So many crochet mitts I’ve seen are little more than a round tube, with maybe with a few random decreases thrown in the cuff. The result is a baggy, ill fitting mitt.
Instead I gave these gals a shaped thumb gusset for a better fit. Crochet fabric isn’t stretchy like knitting, so shaping on something like mitts becomes even more important.


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