December 13: World of Nature

A look at our favorite Japanese yarns, NORO and DanDoh.

Today one lucky viewer will win two sample skeins of Noro, along with a collection of Noro magazines and patterns. To get in on the drawing, leave a comment on this post. What is your favorite type of Asian cuisine? You have until 8am tomorrow.


  • Chelsi Roberts

    13.12.2021 at 08:17

    This is a tough one but out of the ones I’ve tried it’s a tie between Japanese and Vietnamese. I’m always craving both.

  • Tina Saner

    13.12.2021 at 08:39

    I’m always game for a bowl of Pho!

  • Lesley Rodgers

    13.12.2021 at 08:44

    Vietnamese or Mongolian, both are exciting to try as you pick your own and watch them cook it, really tastes good, the best way to eat!

  • Pattye McAbee

    13.12.2021 at 08:54

    I am a neophyte about Asian cuisine. So I’m going to have to say Chinese. The best Chinese restaurant in the world is The Mandarin in Del City.

  • Clarissa Coble

    13.12.2021 at 09:10

    I’m Korean so I love bulgogi and gal bi.

  • Jennifer Walker

    13.12.2021 at 09:10

    I love the Vietnamese vermicelli bowls!!!!

  • Anna Rice

    13.12.2021 at 09:11

    What a beautiful giveaway!! My favorite Asian cuisine is Thai – the spicier the better!!

  • Jody Ortiz

    13.12.2021 at 09:11

    I love homemade vegan pho.

  • Gay Mathewson

    13.12.2021 at 09:13

    Always love won ton soup and some sesame chicken!

  • Sherry Irvin

    13.12.2021 at 09:15

    Chinese and Japanese

  • Mary Bourne

    13.12.2021 at 09:19


    • Keely

      14.12.2021 at 08:53

      You win!

  • Debbie walker

    13.12.2021 at 09:21

    I love a good bowl of rice

  • Shirley Smith

    13.12.2021 at 09:29

    Sesame chicken hands down!

  • Lori Cole

    13.12.2021 at 09:42

    Panang Thai evil jungle chicken curry.

  • Ellen McKenzie

    13.12.2021 at 09:44

    Love Pho and edamame

  • Machelle

    13.12.2021 at 09:46

    Spring Rolls with Peanut sauce.

  • Melissa Ryan

    13.12.2021 at 09:49

    I have a warm feeling for Hunan and Szechwan Chinese. Spicy Thai too, but no cilantro, please. Love Koream bulgogi and And there are Vietnamese dumplings and spring rolls, too. Let’s not forget Phillipino lumpia, either. And my children think I don’t like Asian cuisine! Ha!

  • Sarah Steele

    13.12.2021 at 10:05


  • Jennifer Elkhair

    13.12.2021 at 11:07

    Grilled salmon bento box!

  • Marilee Camerer

    13.12.2021 at 11:10

    My favorite is Chinese stir fry that my Chinese Aunt taught me how to cook❣️ 🥢

  • Renee Zinck

    13.12.2021 at 11:18

    I most often eat Chinese, out of the Asian possibilities. I love that vegetables play a large role is the dishes.

  • Laura McMahan

    13.12.2021 at 12:02

    pot stickers are yum! and so is Noro

  • Sarah Bailey

    13.12.2021 at 12:03

    I like Thai food but I have to go light on the spice with Asian food!

  • Jeannie Bennett

    13.12.2021 at 12:04

    My Chinese DIL cooked pot stickers yesterday…they were the best…

  • Lisa A Cheney

    13.12.2021 at 12:21

    The Dan Doh fine weights are lovely for summery pieces here in SW Oklahoma

  • Jessica G Harlow

    13.12.2021 at 13:22

    Hibachi shrimp or pho (or other brothy soup). Thanks for the chance!

  • Sheri Blaylock

    13.12.2021 at 13:25

    Love Thai and sechuan Chinese! I am making the mitered square jacket and it is so much fun!!!

  • Someyeh Mirambeigui

    13.12.2021 at 13:29

    My favorite Asian cuisine is Thai food!!! I love pad thai, green curry, and tom yum soup! Now I’m hungry!!!😂

  • Merrie Roach

    13.12.2021 at 13:36

    Coconut chicken at the Thai restaurant in Stillwater. (If you like catfish, they have the best catfish in Stillwater too!)

  • Ana Johnson

    13.12.2021 at 13:44

    My favorites are Japanese and Thai. Nothing like a good Oden in winter, or a delicious Thai curry ❤️

  • Mary McAnulty

    13.12.2021 at 13:47

    Favorite would be a small family owned Thai restaurant in downtown Oklahoma City called Thai Kitchen. Next would be Japanese on a grill, love all the fresh veggies.

  • Ellen Erwin

    13.12.2021 at 14:05

    My favorite: Hot & sour soup! So tasty on a cold day or any day for that matter.

  • Brandie Ferguson

    13.12.2021 at 14:14

    Love Japanese Hibachi

  • Darci Gates

    13.12.2021 at 14:47

    Sweet & Sour Chicken! Lol but also I just love all of the different rices!

  • Amy Otto

    13.12.2021 at 15:18

    I love all Asian foods – Thai noodles, Japanese Sushi, Korean BBQ, & all local varieties of Vietnamese & Chinese buffets with some yummy Pho to warm your bones!

  • Linda W.

    13.12.2021 at 16:44

    I don’t want to be entered for the giveaway, thanks; I’ve knitted with three different Noro yarns, and I’m one of the rare people who just doesn’t feel the love for it. I did enjoy learning more about the company, though!

    I adore Vietnamese coffee! I’m pretty eclectic otherwise, with some caveats: both cilantro and fresh ginger taste like soap to me; and I’m a total wuss when it comes to heat.

  • Juanita Young

    13.12.2021 at 17:00

    Sweet and sour chicken and egg rolls

  • Anita Roesler

    13.12.2021 at 17:13

    It’s a tough decision but I think I like Vietnamese the best.

  • Tina Stone

    13.12.2021 at 18:46

    I am game for most types of Asian foods. Sometimes I want spicy, sometimes just flavorful, but never bland. Thai, Szechuan, and Japanese are my favorites. When I’m in the midst of cravings are the rare times I miss living in Los Angelos and vicinity.

  • Amber Ketchum

    13.12.2021 at 19:06

    I like Japanese hibachi- yumm!

  • Diann Riter

    13.12.2021 at 19:30

    I love sesame chicken and crab rangoon.

  • Gwen Lemoine

    13.12.2021 at 20:37

    Love Asian food….Picking just one would be Korean BBQ.

  • Courtney Wilson

    13.12.2021 at 20:42

    Fried rice. It is amazing with a fortune cookie to follow.

  • Shawndalynn Wilkinson

    13.12.2021 at 20:46

    I can’t claim a favorite because I like just about everting I have tried. I can recommend these fish shaped ice cream sandwiches with Azuki beans in the middle. Believe it or not the beans taste like caramel I think you would really like them!

  • Shelly Minton

    13.12.2021 at 22:26

    I’d have to say Thai – the way the flavors meld and yet pop, makes my mouth water. Yummy.

  • Judy Bland

    14.12.2021 at 00:02

    I love most foods. Thai is maybe a love + above the others. The Noro jacket is really nice.

  • Keely

    14.12.2021 at 08:55

    Congratulations Mary Bourne! You’re the lucky winner!