December 14 – Getting Victorian

It is finally finished! Mason’s Biedermeier pantsuit will be ready in time for the Victorian Walk tomorrow night.
IMG_4894I had been perusing the internet looking for a good boy’s costume and was coming up empty handed. The only thing I was able to find were vintage patterns and I really didn’t to go in that direction.
So while grocery shopping in Edmond a few weekends ago I popped into a chain fabric store to pick up a shepherd costume pattern. Yes, I have another costume to sew by next Thursday. While I was there I found the perfect pattern for the Victorian Walk.
I could tell by the picture and schematic that it was quite involved but that never deters me from anything. While getting the fabrics cut, the manager asked me if I had used Burda patterns before. No I hadn’t, and was expecting some sort of useful information as a reply. Instead she told me to put it back and get another pattern because I would not be able to do it.
She would not stop arguing with me about whether or not I could sew this costume. I was so flustered I got out of there without my interfacing. And boy was I peeved.
So, manager lady at unnamed chain fabric store – you can kiss my grits. I found Burda’s pattern to be most excellent.
The last weekend of Guthrie’s Victorian Walk is Saturday from 4 to 8.  My little sweetie will be playing the piano in his awesome costume at Bozarth Mortgage at about 5:45. It is on the west side of Division, just south of Oklahoma.
We will be featuring two spinners in our windows – our very own Anna and our good friend Shawndalynn. I’ll be serving wassail and who knows what else. We’ll see what mood strikes me.

We received lots of yarn this week. Check out just the solid colors of Liberty Wool. It is such a pretty yarn.
We also received lots of the Liberty Wool Prints (the multi-color), more Soufflé and Flicker too. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the others because I was a bit busy buying spring yarn this afternoon!!! Yes, a preview of what’s in store for spring will be coming very soon.
Come see us Saturday!


  • jlbeene83

    14.12.2012 at 09:00 Reply

    That outfit turned out so cute!!!

  • donnajmiller

    14.12.2012 at 10:28 Reply

    Great job!!!

  • Betty

    14.12.2012 at 14:56 Reply

    Fantastic job! As a mom, I can totally relate. Anytime any of my 3 children needed a costume, or just wanted a particular costume for play, I made it with no second thoughts regarding difficulty. The older of my 2 sons even designed a turtle shell when the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” were popular the first time.
    Just think, it was that manager’s comment that you couldn’t, that really spurred you on to complete your mission.
    Anyone that tells me I can’t, is in for a big surprise! My astrological sign is Taurus, and I totally live up to the reputation.

  • mschoir01

    15.12.2012 at 08:58 Reply

    Great job on the costume, but, Bleep! I might have had to have words with the lady, if lady she was…makes one wonder if perhaps she had an axe to grind.

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