December 15: Community

There’s nothing better than living and working in a small town, especially when it is snuggled next to a metropolitan city. Guthrie is one odd and quirky place, and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.
A few years ago artist K. Mack Boles created a unique sketchbook, filled with unique drawings and tales of Guthrie. Mack still pops in to see us from time to time, often with a new tale or two. We proudly sell his sketchbooks, as fun today as when he first created it. A perfect little gift for those who love Guthrie, Oklahoma history, architecture, or the quirky.
IMG_2939 IMG_2938
Quirkiness is often a daily thing around here. This summer the rock fairy came to visit. They kept popping up on our windowsill, then suddenly went away.
If you like quirky, you really must go on one of our Ghost Walks. Filled with interesting history and tales, tour guide Stacey is a hoot. She also doubles as the park ranger for the smallest national park in the United States. (you really must click the link and watch the story Channel 4 did on it a few years back)
In the summer we have big block parties, with much of the town setting up lawn chairs, spending an evening being neighborly and listening to live music. Outsiders are welcome too.
Guthrie knows how to throw a parade. We had a lighted evening Christmas parade a few weekends ago. There are parades for homecoming, veterans, MLK day. Back in the golden days of Hollywood Humphrey Bogart came to town for a movie premiere at the Melba Theater, and they threw a parade for him too. But the biggest event of the year is our annual 89ers Day parade. Lasting nearly 2 hours, this 100+ year tradition is a really big deal.
One thing is for sure – Guthrie loves Christmas. When my family first moved here in the early 90’s mom was quickly informed that she must put candles in every window of her home. They owned one of the magnificent historic homes on Noble Avenue, and lighting each window with a candle was a holiday tradition. I can still remember having to turn those things on and off every night. There were a lot of windows! Unfortunately that tradition faded over time.
The annual Victorian Walk is still a huge deal. We saw lots of festive folk last weekend, and are gearing up to do it again tomorrow evening from 4-8. During the day we will have a fun class, knitting this adorable tiny elf. Then during the walk we will have pop-in Make-n-Take classes with beaded jewelry, tassel earrings, pompons and more. Join us!
Today I am giving away a kit to knit this Tiny Elf, along with one of Mack’s Guthrie Sketchbooks. Simply share your favorite holiday tradition in the comments. I’ll select one lucky winner, you have until midnight!
If you missed out on the link for the free pattern for the Tiny Elf, click here!


  • Jennifer Dodd

    15.12.2017 at 09:03 Reply

    Hmmm, I don’t think we do anything out of the ordinary. However, my kids are only allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve and it is always Christmas jammies. Yes, I do try to coordinate the colors because it makes for better Christmas Day pictures, and we spend all of Christmas Day in our jammies.

  • Patricia Riden

    15.12.2017 at 09:31 Reply

    My favorite tradition – other than all the memories associated with the ornaments on the tree – is the baking of the powdered sugar crescent cookies. For me, its’ not quite Christmas until I smell them baking, dust them with the powdered sugar, and pop a warm one into my mouth. THEN, it is Christmas.

  • Tammy Adamson

    15.12.2017 at 09:57 Reply

    A bitter sweet tradition is going to ride the train and look at Christmas Lights in Kingfisher, stopping in at Okarche for hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls. It’s bitter sweet because it reminds us of the last time we got to see my 3 year old nephew. He passed away 12/18/04 of cancer. We all pile in the caboose (my sister and her family, my parents, and my family). We sing and some of us cry. It’s a hard time, but it’s also a reminder that because of Christ we will see Daniel again.

    • knorthup

      16.12.2017 at 07:57 Reply

      Congratulations Tammy! You’re the winner. I have your prize aside for you. Please pick it up by January 31, or it will be put back in the prize hopper.

  • Kathy Plummer

    15.12.2017 at 10:45 Reply

    I love getting out the Nativity set/sets and being reminded of the “reason for the season”.

  • Courtney Wilson

    15.12.2017 at 11:02 Reply

    I love my mom’s fruit drop cookies & her chocolate mousse that she makes for Christmas Day. Which makes me wonder where are those cookies? I better remind her! I also love decorating my Christmas trees. It is taking me longer than usual this year for some reason. The memories of all the ornaments make me smile. Just like that little elf does!

  • Jenna

    15.12.2017 at 12:39 Reply

    Growing up in upstate New York and Massachusetts, we frequently had a good snow base by Christmas. My grandparents started the Christmas Eve tradition of a picnic, just like the 4th of July, with hot dogs, hamburgers, deviled eggs, potato salad and lemonade. Grandpa’s birthday was the 23rd, so we finished the meal with his birthday cake. Then we had “gag” gifts— something small that the recipient would especially enjoy. Even though my grandparents are gone now, I still serve picnic and “birthday cake” on Christmas Eve.

  • Nicole Acuna

    15.12.2017 at 13:58 Reply

    Baking and assembling a big gingerbread house the kids help me decorate, we have so much fun every year!

  • Sarah Bailey

    15.12.2017 at 19:13 Reply

    We have several great traditions centering around food and family but I think everyone’s favorite is the Christmas tree gift. It’s the last gift opened for everyone and it’s always a fun littler surprise. I like the elf and will definitely have to pick up a copy of the Guthrie Sketchbook if I don’t win!

  • Renee

    15.12.2017 at 20:10 Reply

    My favorite tradition is making holiday goodies like fudge, potato candy, and pecan ice-box cookies.

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