December 15: Mohair

A look at luxurious South African mohair, and their collaboration with some of our favorite Rowan yarns!

Georgia Farrell’s Kidsilk Haze Asymmetrical Shawl is featured in Rowan Magazine 70, and not available as an individual download.

Today two lucky viewers will win a kit to make the Squall scarf. Four skeins of Tweed Haze in the Setting Sun color way plus pattern are included. To get in the drawing, leave a comment on today’s post – what is your favorite fiber? You have until 8am tomorrow!


  • Anita Roesler

    15.12.2021 at 08:44

    I like knitting with cotton, but prefer the look of wool. I also enjoy linen. shucks I just love it all!

  • Kristi Wood

    15.12.2021 at 08:55

    I loved hearing about the origin of mohair! This would be a dream to knit up!

  • Bonnie Malone

    15.12.2021 at 09:03

    I love it all, my favorites tend to be blends

  • Gay Mathewson

    15.12.2021 at 09:07

    You picked my favorite yarn…..Rowan Kidsilk Haze and I do love Mohair knitted by itself or with other yarns. Loved the history of it, too.

  • Jody Ortiz

    15.12.2021 at 09:11

    Of course I prefer cotton, but I love the look of wool as well. I had sheep years ago and still have a tub of wool to card, dye, and spin. It’s a lot of work and I admire the people who put in the labor so I can knit beautiful things.

  • Debbie walker

    15.12.2021 at 09:21

    I like working with cotton but this mohair looks so pretty.

  • Juanita Young

    15.12.2021 at 09:23

    Wool and nylon blend

  • Tammy Adamson

    15.12.2021 at 09:47

    I love cotton.

  • Renee Zinck

    15.12.2021 at 09:52

    I love merino wool, and lots of other fibers!

  • Carol Powers

    15.12.2021 at 09:57

    Wool, but I have definitely been on a mohair kit in the last year or two.

  • Jennifer Walker

    15.12.2021 at 09:58

    I like wools and alpaca!

  • Machelle

    15.12.2021 at 09:59

    My favorite is linen and cotton.

  • Ana Johnson

    15.12.2021 at 10:16

    I love natural fibers, like cotton and wool. That mohair is so beautiful ❤️

  • Shawna Lancelot

    15.12.2021 at 10:21

    I mostly love working with wool.

  • Sarah Bailey

    15.12.2021 at 10:27

    I love working with wool. Thanks for the Mohair history lesson. Yarn stories are great!

  • Tina Saner

    15.12.2021 at 10:53

    Like Alpaca and BFL and silk. Have worked with some soft bamboo too.

  • Jennifer Elkhair

    15.12.2021 at 11:01

    I love wool silk blends.

  • Lisa A Cheney

    15.12.2021 at 11:15

    Cashmers and Linens are my go-tos… Mohair would be a new path. 😉

  • Marilee Camerer

    15.12.2021 at 11:17

    My favorite fiber is bulky wool❣️🧶

  • Shirley Smith

    15.12.2021 at 11:21

    I love alpaca.

  • pindy4176

    15.12.2021 at 11:32

    Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) is my favorite. But I once crocheted a purse from videotape, so I truly will try just about anything!

  • Lesley Rodgers

    15.12.2021 at 11:38

    Loved knitting with Fisherman knit wool and Poodle wool, I have knitted with mohair and it is beautiful.

  • Amy Otto

    15.12.2021 at 11:41

    I love to work with wool & cotton. I’ve never worked with mohair.

  • Beatrix Haggard

    15.12.2021 at 11:45

    Wool, but I love most fibers.

    • Keely

      16.12.2021 at 09:23

      You win!

  • Sarah Steele

    15.12.2021 at 12:13

    Merino or any other wool.

  • Lori Cole

    15.12.2021 at 12:38


  • Laura McMahan

    15.12.2021 at 12:46

    I love yak and would love to try tweed haze

  • Pattye McAbee

    15.12.2021 at 13:01

    Man! Such a hard choice! I’ll go with alpaca. Soft and squishy, and the animal is huggable cute!

  • Brandie Ferguson

    15.12.2021 at 13:14

    Alpaca blends

  • Chelsi Roberts

    15.12.2021 at 13:16

    Organic cotton

  • Jennifer Smallwood

    15.12.2021 at 13:28

    Probably alpaca if I have to pick, but I love it all.

  • Jessica G Harlow

    15.12.2021 at 14:11

    I’m a sucker for Alpaca!

  • Gwen Lemoine

    15.12.2021 at 14:40

    Omg…..I absolutely love…love mohair! I have several ready made sweaters in mohair. I made a scarf in mohair and last year made a Rowan sweater (Kim Hargreaves) Stroll which incorporated mohair with softyak dk. Makes a beautiful garment!💕

  • Jeannie Bennett

    15.12.2021 at 14:56

    My favorite is any bright color….mostly wool…

  • Kerri Hoback

    15.12.2021 at 16:18

    I like wool but have not worked with mohair, silk, or cashmere yet.

  • Ellen McKenzie

    15.12.2021 at 16:43

    For me, it’s more about the projects I’m working on than the yarn. I love it when there’s an epic fail in someone’s plan 😵‍💫😂😂 …wonderful story and gorgeous yarn!

  • Mary McAnulty

    15.12.2021 at 17:54

    All types of natural fibers including wool, silk mohair and cotton.

    • Keely

      16.12.2021 at 09:23

      You win!

  • Shawndalynn Wilkinson

    15.12.2021 at 18:25

    Admittedly I have not sampled some of the more exotic fibers like camel yak or bison but I have a distinct preference for animal fibers and the softer the better. Baby Alpaca, Cashmere, and Angora top the list of what I have tried. Mohair while what I have tried from Swak has always met my softness standers has always shed like my cat and for its light fluff texture been rather warm for its weight. I would be fascinating to get my hands on a swatch of this blend to hold for a bit and see how it holds heat.

  • Donna Miller

    15.12.2021 at 19:25

    My favorite is alpaca. I’ve knitted so many hats from it!

  • Shelly Minton

    15.12.2021 at 19:48

    I love a wool alpaca blend , then hold some mohair with it, and watch the bloom.

  • Amber Ketchum

    15.12.2021 at 20:15

    I like alpaca and cotton!

  • Courtney Wilson

    15.12.2021 at 21:42

    Cashmere is my fav.

  • Judy Bland

    15.12.2021 at 22:37

    I like working with lots of different yarns. It depends on the color and the project. I like superwash merino.

  • Sherry Irvin

    16.12.2021 at 00:21

    Super wah merino

  • Sheri Blaylock

    16.12.2021 at 07:56

    Wool and alpaca!

  • Keely

    16.12.2021 at 09:26

    Congratulations to our winners – Beatrix Haggard and Mary McAnulty!