December 18: Neighbors

Since we first hung our shingle in Guthrie, a fantastic fiber community has blossomed around us. Guthrie already had a tradition in fabrics. You may remember the Pincushion, a great fabric store on the corner of Oklahoma and First. They closed after one of our big fires. Laurah made her mark with Extra Special Fabrics, but she retired a few years ago and closed the business. Even back in the 1980’s mom would drive up from Edmond to visit a quilt store she really liked.
Despite these losses, Guthrie is now THE hub of fiber, fabric and creativity! In addition to yours truly, there is:

  • Sooner Quilts – Michelle has a HUGE inventory of fabrics and is a Janome dealer.
  • Guthrie Art Center – Weaving, spinning, pottery, and more.
  • Art Loft Oklahoma – A great place to get your creativity flowing.
  • seven10 – One of Guthrie’s grand historic homes that has been restored and turned into a retreat center for crafters.

Our latest addition is quite exciting. Oklahoma Mini Mill opened this past year, offering fiber processing and carding services. This is the only fiber mill in the state. Mason and I recently toured the mill. It is really cool!
Cheri and Van traveled to Prince Edward Island to procure the specialized equipment to set up the mill, located on the north end of town. I know many of you are Missy’s Donuts fans, and the mill is just north of the original Missy’s.
We found ourselves surrounded by fleeces of every variety, in various stages of processing.
While the main focus of their business is on processing, they offer a small retail area in the front offering felt dryer balls, hand-spun yarns, roving, felt art and more.
The felted art is created with a Felt Maker, a really cool piece of machinery that can make very large pieces of felt fabric.
You really should check out the mill for yourself. It’s best to call prior to visiting. You can find out more about the Oklahoma Mini Mill at

Our motto’s “eating is our hobby, knitting is our passion“, therefore I would be amiss if I didn’t mention new eats in town!
You may already be familiar with the Dominion House. Formerly the Masonic Children’s Home, the campus was built in the 1920’s and at one time had a gymnasium and marble tile indoor swimming pool. For decades it laid in ruin. Several years ago, it was restored and turned into a grand event center hosting premier events and weddings.
They have now added boutique hotel rooms and a bistro! You no longer need an invite to a wedding or such to go and experience this grand historic spot. I finally had a chance to try out the 602 Bistro, and it is fantastic! It has a bit of a vibe reminiscent of the Haunted House, Twelve Oaks, and Sleepy Hollow, but set in a much more grand location.
The bistro is intimate and inviting, with an open kitchen. I loved watching the chefs at work. The menu offers both entrees and wood oven pizzas. They also offer a full bar, with really cool signature drinks. I found their prices extremely affordable, considering their well-appointed menu and surroundings. You would pay far more at similar establishments, although the 602 Bistro is truly in a league of their own. Even though it is quite an elegant setting, you can dine in your casual attire – or dress up if you wish.
I haven’t had the opportunity, but they also have outdoor winter igloos you can rent for drinks, dining, or both. The igloos are so cool! I do suggest that you get a reservation. Seating is limited, and it is easy to reserve online via their website.

Other than Mexican restaurants popping up on every corner (seriously, you can eat at a different Mexican restaurant every day of the week in Guthrie), there hasn’t been much new restaurant activity to report.
Gage’s Steak House moved from the basement of the Victor Building to the historic Santa Fe Depot. Roma’s Italian Restaurant moved from their original location on Division to Noble, just west of Division and north of the Stables Café.
Speaking of The Stables, if you haven’t visited their Tap Room you really should. Debbie did an outstanding job with this fabulous addition to their restaurant. They now offer a full bar, and their frozen margaritas are the best. I highly recommend them!

Today I’m going to spread a little neighborly love your way, courtesy of the Oklahoma Mini Mill. Cheri has generously donated two of alpaca dryer balls and a skein of her hand-spun yarn, made with fiber processed in their mill.
To get your name in the hat for the drawing, simply tell us which of my neighbors you love the best! Or if you’ve yet to visit Guthrie (gasp), what are you most looking forward to discovering? You have until midnight tonight. Sorry, drawing is over!


  • Ashley

    18.12.2018 at 07:10 Reply

    Well, I wish I’d have seen this when we were in town yesterday…we ignored your advice and went to the Mexican place and were thoroughly disappointed. Next time, we’ll risk getting lost for Missy’s. And I see adventures in my future…

    • knorthup

      18.12.2018 at 08:20 Reply

      Told you so! Notice I didn’t actually recommend any of our Mexican restaurants. Out of the 7 we have one sit down and one fast food one that I’ll eat at, but they’re not worth driving up here for!

  • Cari Deen

    18.12.2018 at 08:24 Reply

    The mini mill and the art center are my favorites so far…

  • Amanda Shirley

    18.12.2018 at 08:28 Reply

    My husband and I love to eat at Roma’s when we come to Guthrie for yarn.

  • Jill Smoot

    18.12.2018 at 08:30 Reply

    Looking forward to visiting the mini mill. Visited Stables the last time, might try out Roma’s next time!

  • Chandra

    18.12.2018 at 08:32 Reply

    I’m super excited for Oklahoma Mini Mill! It will be fun bringing some friends up to Guthrie for lunch at The Stables, shopping, & dinner at 602 Bistro.

  • Anita

    18.12.2018 at 08:33 Reply

    The Stables or Missy’s are my choice.

  • Ellen

    18.12.2018 at 08:37 Reply

    I think there’s a margarita calling my name … 😉

  • Jennifer Walker

    18.12.2018 at 09:06 Reply

    I’ve always love Gages, but I can’t wait to try 602 Bistro!

  • Patricia Riden

    18.12.2018 at 09:15 Reply

    The minimill, Roma’s, Missy’s, and the quilt place.

  • BIRGIT Mosier

    18.12.2018 at 09:22 Reply

    OH!! MINI Mill for sure .

  • Pattye McAbee

    18.12.2018 at 09:31 Reply

    Wow! Do much has changed in two years. I still love the Stables and Roma!!

  • Renee

    18.12.2018 at 10:20 Reply

    Do I have to choose one favorite? I’ve enjoyed shopping at Sooner Quilts, need to start weaving classes at the Art Center, and enjoy eating at Roma’s. And I want to check out the Mini Mill!

  • Shawndalynn

    18.12.2018 at 10:28 Reply

    Stables I know of the places I been in Guthrie SWAK and stables are my to favorites in that order. That said I haven’t tried out the new bistro.
    I wouldn’t travel for the Mexican food. But I really like China Garden it would my second favorite after SWAK but they take months long vacations in the summer and frustrat my quest for Chinese take out. The other two Chinese places in town are not worth it.

  • Betty Schlotthauer

    18.12.2018 at 10:36 Reply

    Other than SWAK, I’ve only been to Sooner Quilts. I usually visit their store immediately following a visit to SWAK. I love their large variety of fabrics! I’m not shopping for quilt fabrics, but character prints to make clothing or bags or pillow cases for nieces, nephews, & granddaughters. There’s always something new to surprise me.

  • Jennifer Smallwood

    18.12.2018 at 10:37 Reply

    I would love to check out the mini mill.

  • Tammy Adamson

    18.12.2018 at 10:40 Reply

    The bistro sounds intriguing, but hands down Missy’s. I’ll drive from Piedmont for anything at Missy’s. Ohhhhh I want these balls. Lol. Couldn’t remember where you said they were in Guthrie, I’ll wait it out a day and see if I win. Lol

  • Lynn Lester

    18.12.2018 at 12:13 Reply

    I love Missy’s!! And of course SWAK. Can’t wait to visit the Oklahoma MiniMill. I love to see ‘How it is made’. Thanks for the info on the 602 Bistro. Bill and I will have to check it out the next time we’re down from Stillwater!

  • Melissa

    18.12.2018 at 13:36 Reply

    I would have to say Sooner Quilt shop – great selection of fabrics.

  • Liz Hall

    18.12.2018 at 14:08 Reply

    Must check out the mini mill—and being new to the state ALL of the places you mention will need to be checked out. Thank you for this Guthrie tour guide!

  • Laura

    18.12.2018 at 15:07 Reply

    love the art center for weaving and Missy’s has the best donuts and bread

  • Carolyn Munholland

    18.12.2018 at 15:14 Reply

    I love the Guthrie Arts Center and would love to see the mini mill. How awesome

  • Judu

    18.12.2018 at 16:47 Reply

    I am most excited about the Mini Mill. It is a great addition to Guthrie and the state. I need new dryer balls so if I don’t win a visit to the Mini Mill will be in the queue

  • Heidi

    18.12.2018 at 17:44 Reply

    I love Missy’s. I’ve eaten at several of the others mentioned but I would like to try the 602 Bristo and the mini mill sounds very interesting.

  • Kathy Plummer

    18.12.2018 at 17:49 Reply

    I want to check out the mini mill.

  • Carolyn Kirschstein

    18.12.2018 at 18:09 Reply

    I want to check out the mini mill as well as the 602 Bistro. Friends are coming from Norman to try it out with us.

  • Beth Seeliger

    18.12.2018 at 19:55 Reply

    I love to browse the Art Center and the Glass Studio whenever we visit Guthrie. I will have to check out the 602 Bistro next time I am in town.

  • Teresa

    18.12.2018 at 20:09 Reply

    Roma’s has the best buffet!

    • knorthup

      19.12.2018 at 08:14 Reply

      Congratulations! You’ve won dyer balls and hand spun yarn from Oklahoma Mini Mill. Please pick up your prize before 1/31/19 or it will be put back in the prize hopper.

  • Debbie walker

    18.12.2018 at 20:11 Reply

    I am planning a trip to Gutherie this week so I’m going to visit the mill for sure – right after SWAK.

  • Sarah Steele

    18.12.2018 at 20:33 Reply

    Missy’s and the OK mini mail look really great!

  • Sheri Blaylock

    18.12.2018 at 21:04 Reply

    I love Missy’s, but the Mini Mill will be on my plan for my next visit! The Bistro also looks cool!

  • Sarah Bailey

    18.12.2018 at 21:18 Reply

    Now that I know about it, I’m looking forward to visiting the mill! Thanks for the information.

  • Jennifer D

    18.12.2018 at 21:22 Reply

    My whole family loves dinner at Stables and I have loved expanding my craft abilities by visiting the Art Center.

  • Lynn Lester

    18.12.2018 at 23:23 Reply

    I love Missy’s and Stacy’s! I must check out the MiniMill next time Bill and I travel from Stillwater.

  • Alexandra Edwards

    18.12.2018 at 23:27 Reply

    I love the Guthrie Public Library AND the huge Antique Mall just down the street 🙂

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