December 2: Be an Angel

afmToday you have the opportunity to be a true angel. We’ve partnered with the Bethel Foundation and have adopted another family in need.
The Bethel Foundation is a wonderful resource for single mothers. This faith-based organization helps these moms get back on their feet by providing support with mentoring, rehabilitation and quality housing.
They carefully pre-screen “Angels for Moms” program applicants, selecting those with the greatest need.
This year we’ve adopted a family with four children:

  • 7 year old girl – art supplies, educational toys & games
  • 5 year old girl – leap frog, educational toys & games, Barbie bicycle, DVD movies
  • 3 year old girl – leap frog computer, kids table & chairs, Legos
  • 6 month old boy – toys to encourage crawling and motor skills

Bethel FoundationWe’re getting ready to head out shopping and need your help. We can’t do it alone. You can help by donating gift cards (WalMart, Target, Amazon, etc) or cash. We have set up a place on our website for cash donations for those who can’t make it in the store.
If you prefer to shop for specific items on their list, please email or call and let me know so we don’t all go out and buy the same thing.
Angels who donate to our adopted family will receive courtesy of SWAK:

  • Coupon for 10% off your next purchase, with no expiration
  • A chance to win a $100 gift card, one entry for every dollar donated

This is our second year to participate in this program. It is always more joyous to give than receive, and collectively we were able to make one family’s Christmas extra special last year. Let’s do it again!


  • karyndm

    02.12.2014 at 04:58 Reply

    This is my first Christmas celebration with SWAK and in Oklahoma. I have never had a LYS participate in something like this before. I love that you do. What a great way to give back to the community and encourage others to do it too. I will make a cash donation. …and to think all I thought I was going to get when I walked in your store for the first time was some yarn! 🙂

    • Melann526

      02.12.2014 at 10:19 Reply

      I got spoiled shopping at SWAK. I’ve moved away from Oklahoma, and I have not found a good replacement for Keely and the gang.

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