December 2: Giving Back

Smithy & ShaneMason mailed his Christmas list to Santa last week. It is very long! He wants everything from a cat to a Nintendo DS. What cracked us up is he also wants a notebook binder, a candle, and a crucifix. Can you tell he goes to Catholic school?
Fortunately the neighbor across the street just got two new kittens, who are practically living in our garage. I told Mason that Santa must have surprised him early, and we just have to share the cats with the neighbor. Let’s hope that works. Their names are Smithy & Shane at our house, and Toby & Tabby at their real house.
If you click on his drawing, you can see his artwork. I found this in his room, so that’s how I discovered they had names.
Mason will probably get most, if not all of the things he wants as will many kids. But every year we can’t help but think of the kids who go without and that breaks our heart.
Bethel FoundationSo when a letter from the Bethel Foundation came in the mail last month asking us to participate in their Angels for Moms program we couldn’t say no. The Bethel Foundation is a nonprofit organization for single mothers in the OKC area.They provide fabulous resources and educational programs, and the families are prescreened.
This year we’ve adopted a single mom with four children and need your help. The kids have made gift wish lists. All of the kids asked for pillows and comforters, along with school supplies, backpacks for school, and naturally a few toys. Just the thought that something as basic as a pillow made a child’s Christmas list is heartbreaking.
We’re getting ready to head out shopping and need your help! We can’t do it alone. You can help by donating gift cards (WalMart,Target, Amazon, etc) or cash. We have set up a place on our website for cash donations for those who can’t make it in the store.
If you would like to make something for the children, we’ve listed their ages and favorite colors.

  • 3 year old boy – Blue
  • 6 year old boy – Red
  • 8 year old girl – Purple
  • 9 year old girl – Pink

If you prefer to shop for specific items on their list, please email or call and I will share that list with you. This way we don’t all go out and buy the same thing!
Angels who donate to our adopted family will receive courtesy of SWAK:

  • Your choice of our exclusive A to Z guide books. Choose from Yarn Lover’s Guide from A to Z filled with tips, technique and more -or- A to Z guide to good eats, nifty tips, and cool crafts. These books are otherwise not available in that we don’t offer them for sale.
  • Coupon for 10% off your next purchase, with no expiration
  • A chance to win a $100 gift card to SWAK, one entry for every dollar donated

Yarn Lover's Guide A to Z Guide
That’s right, we’ll be giving away one $100 gift card to one lucky Angel! You have until December 21 to donate. The SWAK Sleigh will be delivering our gifts on December 23.
And in case you’re feeling super generous and want to drop off a cat for Mason, all I have to say is NO, NO and NO! As much as I loved my animals, we are now a semi-pet free home and I’m enjoying it that way. All I need is something else to clean up after. Any pet donation must include coupons for free housecleaning services!
In other news, if you were unable to comment on yesterday’s post and get your name in the hat for our $20 gift card drawing, don’t fret. We have extended the time to comment until midnight tonight.


  • Ashley

    02.12.2013 at 09:02

    This is an excellent idea! As a child of a single mother, I know how hard it was on my Mom when she couldn’t give my brother and I everything on our Christmas lists. I think she’s making up for it now through her grand children! 🙂

  • pharris824

    02.12.2013 at 09:22

    Great idea, Keely! Thanks for sharing this giving opportunity with us!

  • Jana Allen

    02.12.2013 at 14:51

    If every merchant would do something
    like this, the world would be a much
    better place! SWAK makes my world
    Better!! Thanks, Keely.

  • cmunholland

    02.12.2013 at 18:24

    What a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing this:)

  • rjpirrong

    02.12.2013 at 20:24

    Great idea! You’ve always had a giving heart and it’s great to be able to join in!!!

  • donnajmiller

    05.12.2013 at 18:52

    thank you, Keely for giving us the opportunity to help.

  • pindy4176

    09.12.2013 at 12:08

    Keely, I have a pile of school supplies I bought to donate somewhere, but haven’t yet. If you can still use them — and if the roads ever thaw! 😉 — I’d be delighted to drop them off at the store.

    • keely

      09.12.2013 at 12:11

      That would be fabulous and much appreciated!