December 22: Burning Questions

I thought I’d take the opportunity today to clear up some of the burning questions that may be lingering in your head.
What is a cheese grater?
I made reference to firing up Keith’s old cheese grater when troubleshooting problems with the comments our blog. This is a cheese grater –
It was the big, bad boy Mac computer from about 10 years ago. You know men, they have to have the biggest, most powerful tools even though they’re just doing something simple like checking email.
garyWhy the snail?
Was I just randomly selecting weird pictures to spruce up my post? Nope. For those of you without small children, this silly snail is SpongeBob SquarePant’s pet. His name is Gary, which happens to be the same name as my the cyber support dude that I have a business crush on. I don’t think he’s a snail, but you never know.
What’s up with the pink flamingos?
flamingoWhy do we have pink flamingos perched high on a ledge in the shop? Of course there is a story about that. Many moons ago, I ventured out to market all by myself. We had our own booth at the wholesale market, peddling our intarsia patterns. This was back when we were in the little house, so I left mom and her friend Marie in charge in my absence.
I came back to find the driveway lined with tacky plastic flowers from the dollar store, and these flamingos sticking in the yard. To top it off, when I went inside those two were ASLEEP on the couch…during shop hours!
The tacky flowers went in the trash, I kept the flamingos, and never left those two in charge again.
popcornIs that real popcorn?
No, we don’t keep real popcorn displayed on top of the popcorn machine. Several years ago I decided to go all out on a window display for 89’ers day. I went with a carnival theme featuring carnival lights, lassoed ropes dangling from the celling, and I can’t remember what else. It was really cool!
I even special ordered these popcorn boxes and crocheted popcorn. It was too cute to throw away, so I keep them on top of the machine.
It was the one and only 89’er Day window I ever did. After all the time and money that I put into my wonderful window, I lost and was a sore looser. You would be too if you saw what windows won!
Did you say Salad Dressing?
Yes, I do make my own salad dressing and it’s always a hit. It is super easy and not filled with unpronounceable ingredients like the stuff at the store.

  • ⅓ cup vegetable oil
  • ¼ cup cider vinegar
  • 1½ T soy sauce
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp pepper

Just whisk these things together until the sugar dissolves. Serve in a bottle that can be shaken, or with a spoon to stir in that it separates. Store in the refrigerator, and set out a bit before serving to bring room temperature.
Is there any Carmel Corn left?
ccThe answer would usually be NO, however we do still have caramel corn left at my house. I’ve even been giving it away. Have I lost my mind? Hardly!
I made the mistake of using a different kind of roasting pan this year. I knew they were the same size as the ones I usually use, but I couldn’t convince my popping partner. So he filled the roasters totally full with popcorn. Throughout the entire process I kept saying “that’s too much popcorn”…guess who was right?
So instead of caramel corn, we have popcorn with essence of carmel. I was not amused. Once I can get rid of this batch, I am making another!
Tuesday I’ll reveal the answer to the big question…who wins the $100 gift card. Stay tuned…


  • pharris824

    22.12.2013 at 12:26 Reply

    Love the pink flamingo story!

  • mbkinser

    22.12.2013 at 13:17 Reply

    Great stories.

  • Jana Allen

    22.12.2013 at 14:21 Reply

    You know the saying: ” don’t Ever go to the grocery store when hungry” ? Well, I have had to adopt that to swak 24 days… Everytime you blog about food… Especially food containing caramel…..well, I just have to get into the kitchen and make something yummy. Yes, I will have more lbs to lose after the holidays, but my husband Loves! the treats. Thanks for encouraging the homemaker in us all!
    Merry Christmas!

  • Betty

    22.12.2013 at 16:31 Reply

    Thank you now, and in advance for the next 2 days of 24 days of SWAK! I love being entertained, distracted and having you share your life, recipes and history. I’ll certainly be watching for your next posts.
    Hope to make my way north to Guthrie in the very near future!
    And because of the time crunch of the next days…………
    Merry Christmas! & Happy New Year to all!

  • Lucky Dog

    23.12.2013 at 00:00 Reply

    Hubby and I both think you should be selling your caramel popcorn and your cookies in the store. (And who knows what all else?) They were *delicious*! Yum.

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