December 23: End of Year Sale

We’ve decided to end our 20th year with a big bang and a huge 20% off sale.
We haven’t had a sale this big in years. It just seemed fitting to put everything on sale.
This also includes an additional 20% off previously reduced merchandise. Currently much of our clothing is already reduced up to 60% off, and you’ll save an additional 20% on top of that!
We also still have a huge stack of patterns and books, with patterns as low as 25¢ and half-price books. You’ll save another 20% on these items too.
We were too busy to send out postcards this year, so spread the word!
Now for the nitty-gritty…

  • Sale prices available Thursday, December 26 through Saturday, December 28. Open regular store hours, from 10am to 5pm.
  • All sales final. Once it walks out the door with you it’s yours. Period. No refunds, no returns, no exchanges, no switching out for another color, etc.
  • Sale price not available with any other offers or discounts. One deal per person per day.
  • Special order and consignment merchandise excluded from sale. If we’ve ordered something for you, it will be sold at regular price. Shawndalynn’s hats, Annica’s bags and stitch markers, Lori’s bags, and Anna’s stitch markers are not on sale. SWAK is having a sale, they are not.
  • Sale prices available in-store only. It isn’t that we don’t love those of you who live far away, it just gets hectic trying to manage web sales at the same time.

In other news, the annual gingerbread house is complete. I found a great gingerbread “manor” kit at Sam’s. Its the nicest one I’ve found so far. This year Mason helped out with much of the decorating.
If you get a wild hair and decide to tackle a gingerbread house, here’s a few tips:

  • Buy a kit! Don’t try to be a showoff and make your own gingerbread. You need rock-hard inedible gingerbread or will wind up with a pile of cookie crumbs and icing. This is supposed to be fun and decorative, not a big disaster.
  • Use the thick crappy white icing that comes with the kit as “glue” to stick the house together, but don’t actually try to decorate with it. I use the leftover icing from my Christmas cookies.
  • Getting the house to stay together is the biggest challenge. Do it in stages, letting the icing thoroughly dry. I got creative and used broken off bamboo skewers and canned food to keep the roof from sliding off.
  • The trees were easy to make – it is just rice crispy treats with green food coloring. I’ve also used cheerios. In past years I’ve had problems with the trees keeping their shape. This year I formed the trees, stuck them in the freezer for a little bit and it worked!

gbread4Have a Merry Christmas and an even happier New Year!


  • pharris824

    23.12.2013 at 03:21

    Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!

  • donnajmiller

    23.12.2013 at 22:21

    Merry Christmas, Keely!