December 3: Nailed It!

I’m sure you’ve seen these Pinterest memes rolling around the internet:
And if you’ve actually ever tried to make something you’ve seen on Pinterest chances are good you “nailed it!” too.
Which leaves you feeling like a Pinterest loser. This may come as a surprise to you, but I am a Pinterest loser too. I had this fabulous idea to make these cool yarn ornaments:
We were going to use our fabulous, colorful yarns and have beautiful ornaments for everyone at our Holiday Tea parties. I am sad to report that they were a big fat fail. Neither myself nor Annica the fine arts major could do it. I’d share a picture of our attempts, but they were way too pathetic**. Let’s just say we really NAILED IT!
So it was back to the drawing board. With only 72 hours until our first Holiday Tea Party we had nothing. Nada. Zip. No clue what to do. Anna was getting nervous. Monday afternoon I finally had an idea, then Anna had an idea and in no time we had a new plan.
Here’s what we came up with:
This is my angel, which is also a little bell.
And this is Anna’s angel, made with a colorful crochet granny square.
We are promoting our Angels for Moms program this week, and everyone who comes to one of our Holiday Tea Parties and makes a donation for our adopted family will receive one of these. First party is today from 11 to 2, next party is Saturday.
If you come in and make a donation to our Angels for Moms family you can also receive 10-20% off your purchase that day. Please note that we are not giving out discount coupons for future purchases. These are only good for the day you donate, and this deal goes through Saturday only. You will also be entered in a drawing to win a $100 SWAK gift card.
I was up until 1am last night making angels – and¬†only finished half of them. Today (Wednesday) I have been running around Edmond taking mom to doctor appointments and shopping for the stuff I need to make the tea party food. When I got home my house looked like a craft store had exploded. I didn’t get started cooking anything until 8pm. It will be nothing short of a miracle for me to have it all together by 11am tomorrow. So if I look really tired, you’ll know why. My superwoman skills have been stretched to the max.
And this brings me to the **real reason** I didn’t share pictures of my awful yarn ornaments. While my lemon cakes were¬†baking, I had just enough time to write this¬†blog post and get it posted by midnight. I took the pictures of the angels while at the shop this morning, had my entire post planned out in my head, but I left the ugly yarn ball ornaments sitting on my desk. That’s why we don’t have a picture. There was a minor meltdown followed by a slew of foul words, but decided you all would be kind and completely understand.
So this is all I have for you today. If you were wondering who won the gift card from Tuesday, well I’m wondering too. Today has been nothing short of manic, and as soon as I throw down the tea party I promise I will get to that. I just need to get through tomorrow.
We can only hope tomorrow’s post isn’t entitled TRAINWRECK.
I made it! Cooking done, tea done, party is a success. And finally here’s a picture of our pathetic yarn ornaments:


  • JudySmith

    03.12.2015 at 11:10 Reply

    So sorry for your craziness. I actually like the ornament designs by you and Anna better. Hope you are a little recovered by Saturday. See you then. If you need help I am available on Friday.

  • mschoir01

    03.12.2015 at 12:51 Reply

    As Alexander’s mom said, “Some days are like that. Even in Australia.”
    Still – cute crafty ideas!

  • jwoods

    03.12.2015 at 20:11 Reply

    We all appreciate your lovely ornaments and the “gift of giving” and love which went into every ornanment and bite of delectable food. THANK YOU!!

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