December 6: Y'all Come!

I know as an Okie I’m not supposed to say this, but I do not like country music. Perhaps it was growing up as a kid in the 1970’s, traveling in a customized van with Willie, Waylon and the boys blaring on the cassette player while on our way to exotic destinations like Carlsbad Caverns or Hillbilly Country. You’d find me sulking in one of the swivel seats, rocking my Dorothy Hamill hairdo and WalkMan, trying to drown out the country tunes en route to the next cave with something like this…

Which I still like to play from time to time. Needless to say mom and Lori do not like AC/DC, which makes me want to play it even more. Somethings never change.
Oddly enough, I do maintain a playlist of “Music So Annoying You Can’t Help But Dig It” that includes country favorites such as:
Patsy Cline’s Tra le la le la TriangleDespite this song making the annoying list, I do dig Patsy Cline. She is in her very own classification of music.
Hank Williams’ There’s a Tear in My Beer , which we’d play often and frequently when having a nightcap at the Wilshire Club after a fun night of socializing. That place is STILL there, and the bartender is an avid knitter and extremely talented needlepoint designer. If I ever get a mom-goes-wild night out, I may have to pay her a visit. Not sure if I can stay up that late anymore.
And topping my list of annoying favorites is the father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe’s Y’all Come! I’d play that every day at the store, but even my country music loving peeps would probably stage a protest.
In addition to not digging country music, except for the songs on my annoying song list, I also am not much of a boot wearer. This is my idea of boots:
which need no additional adornment. You will NEVER, EVER see me wearing…
I don’t do short boots, shoe boots, or anything of the like. Never have, never will. Short boots are for elves.
kermitAnd you may be surprised to know that at one point in my world, I actually owned a few pairs of cowboy boots. I hope you were all sitting down for that one.
I was a young socialite and wanted to fit in at stylish western themed parties. Naturally I’d wear them with a mini-skirt. I was so skinny someone told me I looked like Kermit the Frog in boots, and that was the end of my cowboy boot phase. Forever.
Fortunately for all of you boot lovers out there, Lori is a boot wearer. She has mules a horse, and actually appreciates country music.
She came in the other day saying we needed a pattern for  “boot socks”. We did a boot cuff pattern a few years back, so she had to explain the difference between boot socks, boot cuffs, and regular ol’ socks. In the interest of keeping everyone in the “know”, here is what I learned:

This is a sock. Okay, so you already knew that.
My first gift to you today, available today and today only, is our Basic Sock pattern. Knits up quick in Classic Elite’s Liberty Wool. We used Print for the main part, with a solid heel and toe.
Oops, too late for the free pattern but you can purchase it online.

Boot Cuff
This is a boot cuff. It is a little cuff that you fold in half over the top of your boot. Mom has a great pattern she did a couple of years ago with three different designs, including this one.
So my second gift to you today, available today and today only, is mom’s Boot Cuff pattern.
Oops, too late for the free pattern but you can purchase it online.
Boot Sock
Boot Sock
This is a boot sock. Basically, it is just the very top part of a sock. Like a dickey, but a partial sock rather than a partial shirt.
Why would you want only the top of a sock, one might ask. Okay, that’s what I had to ask but again I am a boot dummy.
If you want the look of tall socks with boots, but don’t want the bulk (or heat) of a sock then you need a boot sock.
Pretty cool, huh?
Boot SockYou can also flip them down like a boot cuff!
My third gift to you today is this Boot Sock pattern, courtesy of Lori.
You’ll need 1 skein of Classic Elite’s Crestone and size 7 dpns. Gauge, 5 sts=1″ in stockinette.

Cast on 52 sts, join in the round. Begin Mock Cable Pattern:

  • Rounds 1-2-3: *P1, K2, P1* repeat around
  • Round 4: *P1, RT, P1* repeat around

RT=Right Twist. You knit 2 sts together, but leave them on the needle. Knit into just the front stitch, then slip both sts off.

Work in Mock Cable for 4″, work in stockinette stitch (knit every round) for 2.5″, work in 1×1 rib (*K1, P1* repeat around) for 1″. Bind off.

How easy is that?
As soon as the snow melts, y’all come and see us when you can. I’ll try not to annoy you with my tunes!


  • mschoir01

    06.12.2013 at 09:10 Reply

    Hey! Want to talk annoying? I love the grand opera – talk about clearing out a room in a hurry…I would add a link to something beautiful, but alas, I am a digital immigrant and can barely manage to leave this comment.
    Great patterns for quick gifting! Yeah!

  • pharris824

    06.12.2013 at 09:48 Reply

    Whoo hoo! Three patterns! Happy snow day! Pam

  • cmunholland

    06.12.2013 at 10:10 Reply

    Thank you for three patterns – great way to use stash yarn:)

  • Jana Allen

    06.12.2013 at 17:14 Reply

    My mother’s parents used to perform country music every weekend in texas and then in california. They were even featured on tv back in the 50’s-60’s.
    Whenever my dad heard country music, he would grab my mom or one of us girls and start dancing with us. So you can see, I inherited Lots of love of country music.
    Thanks for the songs and bringing back some great memories!!

  • Betty

    08.12.2013 at 18:29 Reply

    How timely! I am, at present, knitting Boot Topper Socks of a sort for 4 of my 6 granddaughters. The other 2 have faux fur at the top of their snow boots already. 😉

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