December 7: Amigurumi

Today it all about crochet as we take a look at this Japanese art of creating little animals and toys.

What word always gets you tongue-tied? Leave a comment on this post – one lucky reader will win a kit to make this cute seasonal bunting. You have until 8am on 12.8.20.


  • Bonnie Malone

    07.12.2020 at 08:08 Reply

    Worcheshire ?

  • Jessica G Harlow

    07.12.2020 at 08:26 Reply

    I can’t think of anything specific, but I can say that in the right circumstances my mouth doesn’t say what my brain is telling it to. It comes out all gibberish! Heck, maybe a different language. I’ve studied Spanish, French, and Italian, and my little brother had his own language for a long time when he was a toddler, maybe it’s a mix of those. lol

  • Lisa Cheney

    07.12.2020 at 08:44 Reply

    Worchestershire …and dealing with military overseas…pronunciation/spelling issues on colonel/sergeant/isthmus …crazy English language 😉

  • Jennifer Walker

    07.12.2020 at 08:49 Reply

    Oh my goodness! That is adorable!! For some reason, I have trouble saying spaghetti at times. Don’t know why, and it usually just happened when I was a kid, but sometimes now I have trouble, lol.

  • Diane Cerny

    07.12.2020 at 08:57 Reply

    Amigurumi! And most days before coffee…my name 🙂

  • Jennifer Elkhair

    07.12.2020 at 09:18 Reply


  • Molly King

    07.12.2020 at 09:26 Reply

    I have trouble saying laparoscopy. My tongue cannot wrap around that word. I can’t say amigurumi either. The animals are so cute. Thank you for bringing happiness to the knitting and crochet world.

  • Jennifer Smallwood

    07.12.2020 at 09:43 Reply

    Lots of them. The one that comes to mind is that time I tried to order a croque monsieur. French can be hard when you have a heavy Okie accent. ?

  • Renee Zinck

    07.12.2020 at 10:28 Reply

    Mine is a phrase, from when I was working: hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. Not a phrase you ever want to have reason to say!

  • Sarah Bailey

    07.12.2020 at 11:09 Reply

    When I was younger it was “cinnamon” (I said cimma – nun) and “hors d’oeuvres.” Horse duvers do NOT sound appetizing!

  • Jayme Branch

    07.12.2020 at 11:49 Reply


  • Anita Roesler

    07.12.2020 at 12:41 Reply

    Aluminum is a tough one. My uncle can’t say cinnamon.

  • Amy Otto

    07.12.2020 at 12:57 Reply


    • Keely

      08.12.2020 at 08:40 Reply

      Congratulations! You’re the winner!

  • Shawndalynn

    07.12.2020 at 13:21 Reply

    Most of life I always feel a step or to behind unless I am talking at someone I never sure if they are listening.

  • Lesley Rodgers

    07.12.2020 at 13:25 Reply

    I fumble over so many words there is not enough space to write them all, it maybe lieutenant.

  • Marilee Camerer

    07.12.2020 at 16:17 Reply

    Yea for Crochet❣️
    I have trouble saying “corner”…the two r’s get me!

  • Liz Hall

    07.12.2020 at 16:37 Reply

    My favorite tongue tie was my sister’s word for today’s gift card—we go back before ‘card’ and she would call it a gift cer-ticket-it. To this day I still love that made up word!!

  • Amber Ketchum

    07.12.2020 at 17:38 Reply

    Charcuterie board hahaha – not even sure I spelled it correctly!

  • Linda W.

    07.12.2020 at 19:47 Reply

    “Epitome” and “indicted” — I can pronounce them just fine in conversation, but when i read them, I also pronounce them phonetically at first.

    When I saw the Christmas bunting package lying there in the video, I thought it was cute. I actually squealed a little when you said it was today’s giveaway! I hope amigurumi is within my very amateurish crochet skills. 🙂

  • Stephenia

    07.12.2020 at 21:49 Reply

    Sherbet…shouldn’t it be sherbeRt!

  • Carolyn Munholland

    07.12.2020 at 23:50 Reply

    There are so many lol ?

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