December 8: All I want for Christmas is…

frontteethAll I want for Christmas this year is my two three back teeth. After returning from Mexico, I was treated with a trip to the oral surgeon to have a broken tooth removed, plus a post put in where another tooth broke years ago and never got around to finishing the implant.
Within a few days of my surgical fun, I realized another tooth was feeling funny. Much to my delight, it too is broken through both roots. Oh joy! So today I return to the oral surgeon to have this bum tooth cut out, and I will be sans three lower back teeth for the foreseeable near future. It may be next Christmas before all of this implant process is complete.
Guess we’ll call 2015 the “Year of Soup & Soft Foods”.
I have a saying …. watch who you make fun of, it may very well be you someday. For each inappropriate remark I may have uttered about toothless or two-teeth people, the tooth impaired will be glad to know that the karma tooth fairy has settled the score. I am now officially a tooth impaired person.
Speaking of making fun of people…you probably remember my lack of enthusiasm for Hallmark ornaments in my December 1 post. While my husband has managed to stay out of there so far, I’m afraid I can’t say the same thing. While waiting on a prescription last week, Mason was looking around the Hallmark part of the store. When I went to find him I saw this…
and I freaked! It is a tree ornament, and when you push the button it plays the Brady Bunch theme song. Naturally, they were sold out. Fortunately I was able to hunt one down online, and am pacing the floor waiting on it to arrive.
And yes, feel free to make fun of me for squealing with glee over a Brady Bunch ornament.
When you consider the cost of three teeth implants, this puts a bit of a damper on my Christmas wish list. The next thing on my list is a new vacuum, however I don’t feel that should count as something on MY list. Just because I’m the only one in the house that uses it, doesn’t make it for me.
I’ve been needing various things fixed on my current vacuum, but my Mr. Fix It husband intervenes every time I try to sneak it out of the house for professional help.
I wanted a new hose, I got duct tape.
I wanted a new extension pole, I got a radiator hose clamp.
Mrs. Claus plans on taking matters into her own hands and will be making a trip to see the vacuum cleaner man very soon. Otherwise I’ll wind up with one I don’t like picked out by someone who rarely uses it.
I’m giving away tote bags today!bags
If you’d like to win a bag, simply share what is on YOUR Christmas list this year. I do hope your list is more exciting than teeth and vacuum cleaners.
I’ll be drawing one winner for every 10 comments.


  • eknits

    08.12.2014 at 01:15 Reply

    The great thing about being an adult and having a direct line to dear ole Santa is you can get exactly what you want. That is if what you want (e.g.diamond earrings

    • eknits

      08.12.2014 at 01:24 Reply
  • eknits

    08.12.2014 at 01:17 Reply

    What??? Looks like the rest of my comment didn’t make it. To be continued…

  • eknits

    08.12.2014 at 01:25 Reply
  • karyndm

    08.12.2014 at 05:12 Reply

    I love this post and your sense of humor about the whole thing. I also love the Brady Bunch and watched it all the time as a kid. Ok now for my Christmas list. I love all things crafty so…I asked for items for that.
    A yarn swift and ball winder (bought it myself so I would get the one I wanted, however Bruce will take credit and I am so ok with that)
    A serger (again we both went to the store and I picked it out so I would have the one I wanted)
    A case for my serger (I will let him loose with this one)
    A stoneware cookie sheet (will send an email or that one but still researching that myself)
    Another bowl for my Kitchen Aid mixer
    And last and definitely least important some new perfume…Don’t really care if I get it or not but if I don’t get the other items, it won’t be pretty!!
    Merry Christmas!

  • mkinser

    08.12.2014 at 06:19 Reply

    I’m supposed to have a list? I better get busy

    • keely

      10.12.2014 at 08:44 Reply

      Congratulations! You’ve won a tote bag. Just let us know if you prefer a larger bag (heat trellis or cowboy boots) or the smaller bag (cowboy boot) and you can pick it up next time you’re here.

  • Meli40

    08.12.2014 at 06:59 Reply

    I would like a new pair cowboy boots or leather hiking boots. I would also like a new wallet or subscription to a good crafting/knitting/crocheting magazine. Any suggestions?

  • machelle

    08.12.2014 at 07:38 Reply

    I actually have two lists. I give my husband the list with the easy things on it like a panini press and gift certificate for a massage. The other list I keep and buy myself. So far I have bought new boots, cologne and some new clothes. This way everyone is happy. He gets to buy things and put them under the tree and I can pick out what I want and don’t have to take things back because they are the wrong size, color, style, etc.

  • jlbeene83

    08.12.2014 at 10:16 Reply

    I’d like a new pair of Ugg boots!

  • cmunholland

    08.12.2014 at 11:08 Reply

    All I want for Christmas is good health for Taylor – she has had a really rough two years struggling with IC so a healthy new year for her would be perfect 🙂

  • JudySmith

    08.12.2014 at 11:20 Reply

    I have so much stuff and an trying not to just get more stuff. However there is something for my garden I am dreaming of it is a tractor scoot.
    I heard that the sales will get better as we get closer to Christmas so I am keeping a watch on this.

  • Carolyne

    08.12.2014 at 13:11 Reply

    Each year my kids ask me that question and I always give the same reply “A clean house without having to fuss, fight, argue or threaten grounding people”. They reply always reply with “No we mean something we can buy you”. Well, hope and the Christmas spirit spring eternal, so for the 20th year it will top my list!

  • Betty

    08.12.2014 at 13:16 Reply

    I seem to always get in trouble with my lists…..

  • Betty

    08.12.2014 at 13:34 Reply

    Whoops, didn’t intend to end that so quickly.
    I can give very definitive hints, that don’t get followed.
    I can point out something in the store, and am told to buy it now.
    I recently bought myself a bookstore affiliated tablet, then was told that my daughter had tried to encourage my husband to buy it, but when he came home that evening, I was being tempted by cyber-Monday offers, but in spite of my indecision, was told to go ahead & buy it. (Was told of my daughter’s hints a few days later)
    What I want this year is a round trip ticket to San Francisco. My oldest son & his wife recently moved to San Francisco from Washington D.C., still so far away! I’m anxious to go see them & explore the area, as I’ve never been to California. Guess who has to make it come together though, you guessed right, me!
    I give you full sympathy for your teeth problems. I experienced the broken tooth senario last week, also a bottom molar. Was hoping a “simple” crown would solve the problem, but in my 3 week wait for the permanent crown, already wondering if a root canal is going to be necessary after all.

  • Jenny E

    08.12.2014 at 17:40 Reply

    Oh, man I hope you aren’t in pain. On a positive note, I believe your salted caramels count as soft food. Yummy!
    A shop vac is on my list. I need a wet/dry one with an extension hose. My hoover is no good for stairs. A steam mop would be great as well.
    I think I may appeal to Mrs Claus too.

  • rjpirrong

    08.12.2014 at 18:28 Reply

    My list is rather small this year. I’d like bluetooth earbuds and a stadium chair and Peace around the world ; )

  • rczb

    08.12.2014 at 19:00 Reply

    A cozy flannel shirt is on my wish list for this year, so when I was shopping on-line for henley shirts for my husband, I had him help and ordered shirts for both of us at once.
    Keely, I’ll be getting the crown for my new implant after the new year…waiting for insurance reasons. I like my nice, good-looking oral surgeon, but hope I won’t need to see him again anytime soon, or ever.
    Meli40, my favorite crochet magazine is Interweave Crochet. I also like Love of Crochet and Crochet!

  • eknits

    09.12.2014 at 09:22 Reply

    And now we continue 🙂
    …isn’t superseded by what you absolutely need (New heat/AC unit for your home). Yes, I’ll be warmed by the diamond-like sparkle of a new heater this winter. Guess Santa knew I wanted a warm home this winter. Merry Christmas to all.
    P.S. Thanks for the soup recipes today.

  • Melann526

    09.12.2014 at 14:14 Reply

    I don’t have much of a list this year. We decided to draw names and just buy for one person in my family, since none of us have a lot of things we want.
    I’ve been trying to spend the rest of my typical budget in positive ways. Some extra funds to the food pantry, a gift or two from the “angel tree”.

  • DRiter64

    09.12.2014 at 19:20 Reply

    I actually wanted a new yarn tote this year, and yarn of course!
    What I really want is for my husband to have kicked his lung cancer’s butt! We find out next month if we won the war.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    • keely

      10.12.2014 at 08:45 Reply

      Congratulations! You’ve won a tote bag. Just let us know if you prefer a larger bag (heat trellis or cowboy boots) or the smaller bag (cowboy boot) and you can pick it up next time you’re here.

      • DRiter64

        10.12.2014 at 21:39 Reply

        The large cowboy boots please! I will be in Saturday. Thanks so much!

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