December 8: Gifting

Last February we had a class on this Lacy Beaded Cowl. Little did we know how popular it would be!
I know many lucky ladies will be receiving one of these for Christmas this year! Jeannie came in to show off the SIX she made. I think most are going to her sisters:
Then Shawndalynn came in with a bag full of cowls. There were EIGHT stuffed in her bag. We couldn’t believe it!Nacre2
In case you missed out on the Lacy Beaded Cowl frenzy, we’ve got you covered. Today we’re giving away the yarn and beads so you can knit one too!
Did you knit or crochet any gifts for Christmas this year? Simply share your giftings (or lack thereof) and we’ll randomly select one winner from those who leave a comment.
I promise not to heckle you if you haven’t knit or crochet any gifts…because I haven’t either! Designing and making samples for the shop takes up 100% of my yarn time. Those on my gift list definitely don’t have an advantage!
You’ll be glad to know the pattern for this lacy beaded cowl (aka Nacre) is a free download from Berroco.
It’s not too late to make some last-minute gifts…come on in and let us hook you up!


  • Heidi

    08.12.2015 at 01:30

    That’s why I’m knitting to 1am every night. I’ve finished six cowls, three hats, and a pair of fingerless mitts. Trying to finish a pair of mittens and a lace scarf. If I get them done, I’d really like to knit another pair of fingerless mitts for a friend. Planning to try your cheese ball recipe to take to a family gathering at Christmas. Thanks so much for all you do. May God bless you and yours. Hope to come in Thursday for an affirmation I did it right or for you to take out what I did wrong.

  • socks

    08.12.2015 at 07:48

    I started all gung-ho in January determined not to wait until the last minute. Well, some life happened in between and I will be lucky to finish up a pair of socks for Christmas this year. They will be fabulous, though!

  • ckupe

    08.12.2015 at 08:27

    I’m almost done knitting a mermaid tail for an adult. It was a request that I make one. Should be completed by the end of the week.

    • hthrldwg

      08.12.2015 at 09:34

      I had several knitted gifts on my list…I have completed exactly none of them.

  • hthrldwg

    08.12.2015 at 09:35

    Oops…I didn’t mean to leave that as a reply! Guess I haven’t quite figured out how to use this thing.

  • mrldz

    08.12.2015 at 09:42

    I have knit 3 hats and 1 pair of mitts so far. I have one set of mitts on the needles that I hope to finish this week.

  • beckihomecki

    08.12.2015 at 09:44

    zippo gifts knitted and feeling bad about it.

  • jlbeene83

    08.12.2015 at 10:34

    I came in on Saturday to get yarn for gifts for 4 people! I’m almost done w/one scarf and have once more scarf and 3 hats to go!!

  • Betty

    08.12.2015 at 13:35

    I never knit gifts for Christmas or birthdays! Too much pressure! It’s much more fun to gift a surprise that comes out of the blue, & not expected. Even when the granddaughters know what’s coming, because I’ve had them choose, the surprise is when I finally finish & deliver!

  • Jenny E

    08.12.2015 at 13:51

    I have knit 3 pairs of house socks, a pair of legwarmers, a fair isle gift bag, a baby sweater, fair isle robot baby mitts, and a Christmas stocking.

  • mschoir01

    08.12.2015 at 14:29

    I had to give up Christmas knitting when the family got so large that I couldn’t keep up with even just a hat for each….now I knit gifts for the knitworthy whenever I feel like it. Very liberating after hats, hats, hats, mittens, hats, hats, scarf, hats, hats, hats, hats, and more hats…

    • keely

      09.12.2015 at 08:14

      Congratulations – you’re the winner! You can pick up your prize next time you’re here.

  • JudySmith

    08.12.2015 at 17:57

    I have knitted Christmas presents this year. Made my granddaughter hats, mittens and booties. Also knitted her and her parents matching hats. Almost finished. Looking to knitting for myself.

  • susanw

    08.12.2015 at 19:06

    I am arm knitting blankets for a few select friends.

  • rczb

    08.12.2015 at 19:09

    I was going to give my sister a Nacre cowl for Christmas, but haven’t worked on it since shortly after the class. I have made 2 baby afghans this year, which have nothing to do with Christmas except that I haven’t sent them yet.

  • Yarntramp

    08.12.2015 at 19:21

    I have no gifts knitted! I would love to knit a chunky scarf for my brother & something for mom. Should I wait a couple of weeks before I really start. Lol

  • SarahB

    08.12.2015 at 23:51

    I’m working on a hat and scarf for my sis who moved to Chicago this year. Crossed fingers I finish in time for Christmas! Also making a teddy bear for fun. Not sure I’ll finfish before New Year’s. Love this Berroco project; it looks fun. I haven’t worked with beads before so I’ll definitely give it a go next year!

  • pindy4176

    09.12.2015 at 23:14

    I’m not knitting for Christmas gifts, but I am knitting! I made a ribbed hat for The Boy Human, without a pattern, that looks like a hat and fits him! So now I’m feeling cocky, and am doing a hat in OSU colors for a friend. It took a couple of hours — I think, because I had so much fun I didn’t really pay attention — to chart the colorwork stitch pattern and translate the instructions into knitting in the round. It was fun to design, and I’m enjoying watching it come together.
    I also made a pair of fingerless mitts for a friend’s mom, a Fiona Ellis pattern. I have two more things left for other people: a pair of socks (I’ve never made a pair before!) and a Day of the Dead-themed cowl; then maybe some “selfish knitting”! I’ve given away every single thing I’ve ever knitted. 🙂