December 8: We Love Our Customers! ?

We love what we do. Coming to work every day is a total joy. Most of all, we love you and could not bring everyone all of this yarn yumminess without your support.

As part of our total online redesign, we launched a new and greatly improved loyalty program. Easy redemption with no more receipts to track, plus it gives us the ability to do so much more than before! Have you signed up? It is so easy to join. Visit our loyalty link, enter your cell phone number to set up an account, and you’re set!

You will automatically receive 20% off one item at your next visit*, and be sure to enter your birthday for a special treat! *valid for 30 days

You can check your rewards at the sign up link, or simply ask when checking out and we will be happy to look up and redeem rewards for you.

Please note that while rewards may be earned when shopping online, at this time they may only be redeemed in-store or by phone. Hopefully our software will catch up with us in the near future!

Concerned about giving out your cell phone number? Worry not. We would never share, sell, or spam your number. Check out our PRIVACY page, and unlike others ours isn’t a boring read. Boilerplate is not our style!

swak swag

Today we’re giving SWAK swag bags filled with fun goodies, including a skein of our signature le Cœur SNUG hand painted in-house with love. Simply leave a comment on this post sharing what color of SNUG you’d like like to win and when you first became a SWAK customer. I know many of you have been with us practically from the start. As an added treat, we will select THREE lucky winners!

You have until midnight tonight! Check back tomorrow to see who wins.

congratulations ellen mckenzie, stephenia d, and cari deen – you’re the winners of the swak swag bag and a skein of SNUG yarn!

Please note that all prizes must be picked up at our shop no later than February 1, 2020. We do not mail or ship prizes.

Still have receipts with rewards from our previous program? While we are phasing these out, we will continue to accept these rewards through their expiration date. Note that these rewards expire one year after date shown on the receipt.


  • Sherry Irvin

    08.12.2019 at 01:02 Reply

    I love blues and grey tones

  • Briana Titus

    08.12.2019 at 08:10 Reply

    I love the charcoal color. I became a SWAK customer this summer at the tent sale!

  • Mary Bourne

    08.12.2019 at 08:26 Reply

    Ibiza, 2007

  • Sheri Blaylock

    08.12.2019 at 08:33 Reply

    I love Ibiza. I think my first trip to SWAK was in 2003… and what a great adventure it has been. I honestly can’t imagine my life without you! Thanks for being so fabulous!

  • Courtnie Vance

    08.12.2019 at 08:36 Reply

    I would love sunset strip. My first trip to swak was in 2017. I had just tought myself how to knit and was excited to find a somewhat local yarn shop.

  • Amanda Shirley

    08.12.2019 at 08:37 Reply

    Electric is the color for me. The first time I came to SWAK, I was making a baby gift for my niece. She’s 15 now, so I’d say around 2004/2005.

  • Nyree Coffman

    08.12.2019 at 09:09 Reply

    I first became a customer in the early 2000s! I love the deep violet

  • Stevie johns

    08.12.2019 at 09:11 Reply

    Deep violet ?
    I first became a customer about 3 years ago. My kids and I were walking around downtown when I first found your shop! I brought the kids in with me and we loved everything!!!

  • Ellen McKenzie

    08.12.2019 at 09:11 Reply

    Sari spoke to me…all are beautiful!
    I first visited SWAK when you were still in the little place on Noble (I think that’s the name of the street), early 2000s.

    • Keely

      09.12.2019 at 08:07 Reply

      Congratulations! You’re the winner. Please pick up your prize anytime before 2/1/20, or it will be put back in the prize hopper.

  • Anita Roesler

    08.12.2019 at 09:21 Reply

    They all are so pretty that it’s hard to choose. I think the Wine is my choice.

  • Linda Weston

    08.12.2019 at 10:01 Reply

    It was hard to pass up the TARDIS blue of Lapis, and anything variegated because that’s what I’m always drawn to, LOL! But it’s nice to work with solids now and then, too, so I’m going with Grass.

    I was introduced to SWAK in 2008. I had started knitting again (after learning in childhood and hating it), and was buying yarn at box stores. As a birthday gift, a friend brought me to SWAK to, as she put it, “show me a REAL yarn store.” The rest is history. 🙂

  • Sarah Bailey

    08.12.2019 at 10:02 Reply

    I’d like the Wine. I have been visiting SWAK since about 2004 and it’s still my happy place!

  • Jennifer Dodd

    08.12.2019 at 10:09 Reply

    I love Grass and Charcoal! My first trip to SWAK was February of 2016. I found such an amazing yarn store but also some really great people that I can call friends. The Tuesday Knit In literally brought me out of some serious depression after moving here the previous year from out of state. You have an amazing selection of yarn, incredible classes and the best and most helpful staff. ♥️

  • Chelsea Haldane

    08.12.2019 at 10:13 Reply

    I’d like the charcoal! I originally came in and bought some Mrs. Crosby yarn a couple of years ago.

  • Jennifer Walker

    08.12.2019 at 10:19 Reply

    I like Electric!! I’ve been coming to SWAK since the early 2000s. My Mom introduced me.

  • Alexandra Edwards

    08.12.2019 at 10:25 Reply

    I like Beach. I first became a SWAK customer when I moved to Guthrie 2 years ago, Jeannie actually taught me how to knit at one of your Beginner Bunch classes!

  • Karyn Cook

    08.12.2019 at 10:34 Reply

    Deep Violet

  • Kathy Plummer

    08.12.2019 at 10:36 Reply

    The Gypsy and Lapiz colors are beautiful in the Snug yarn.

    I first learned about SWAK online and you had the store in OKC.

  • Niki Rau

    08.12.2019 at 10:37 Reply

    I’d love to win Navy! I became a customer about two and a half years ago and I love your store!

  • Lisa Estep

    08.12.2019 at 10:52 Reply

    Oh, electric is so wonderful!
    I first became a customer in 2002! I remember your shop in Red Cup Square.

  • Bernadette Ray

    08.12.2019 at 10:54 Reply

    The Sari color is beautiful. I first because a SWAK customer when the store was part of your home.

  • Jennifer Smallwood

    08.12.2019 at 10:54 Reply


    I think I first found SWAK in 2012/2013.

  • Jennifer McKinney

    08.12.2019 at 10:57 Reply

    I am a brand new customer. I recently found your store while exploring downtown Guthrie. I was so excited to find the store. It was like coming across a n oasis in the desert ?. I really like the charcoal color!

  • Deborah Kimble

    08.12.2019 at 10:59 Reply

    I love Sari. I became a customer after hearing about your shop from Shawna Lancelot.

  • Judy Smith

    08.12.2019 at 11:10 Reply

    I made my first purchase at SWAK in December, 2007 at a Guthrie Victorian Walk. Felt an immediate connection.

    I would like snug in teal.

  • Amber Ketchum

    08.12.2019 at 11:13 Reply

    I like violas!!! I became a customer earlier this year because of my boss that retired, Deb Kimble 🙂

  • Cari Deen

    08.12.2019 at 11:19 Reply

    I like the pale aqua. I think I have been coming for at least 7 .5 years because I started before I got pregnant with Sam who is currently 6.5 years old.

    • Keely

      09.12.2019 at 08:11 Reply

      Congratulations! You’re the winner. Please pick up your prize anytime before 2/1/20, or it will be put back in the prize hopper.

  • Shawndalynn

    08.12.2019 at 11:22 Reply

    Oh I would love to do a hat with the Wine color! Let’s see I really started shopping there when I learned to knit at 23. Mason was a baby then.

  • Pattye Van McAbee

    08.12.2019 at 12:07 Reply

    The Electric is kind of speaking to me. I don’t know the exact year, but it was in the ‘90’s, in the nice, little house on the west side.

  • Tammy Adamson

    08.12.2019 at 12:29 Reply

    Umber please. I walked in the shop about 3 years ago. I had taken a class at JoAnn Fabrics and was using metal needles, which were causing a lot of pain in my hand and wrist! Keely handed me wood needles to show me the difference, and I was hooked! Hooked on the atmosphere, the friendliness, the expertise help, the classes, and the beautiful colors!!! I love you gals so much and totally appreciate you all.

  • Jo Jankowski

    08.12.2019 at 12:44 Reply

    Deep violet, about a week ago!

  • Donna J Miller

    08.12.2019 at 13:03 Reply

    I love Grass. Gosh, I’m not sure when I became a customer…probably as long as you’ve been there!!!

  • Stephenia d

    08.12.2019 at 13:23 Reply

    Gypsy! Too many years to count…I think 17-18 years ago I discovered the store in Guthrie. I was originally a crocheter….but took a learn to knit class at your store and the rest was history. I still enjoy both creative styles. It is always fun to browse at the projects in the store for inspiration and nothing beats touching the yarn or checking out the variety of accessories and extras to be found in the store.

    • Keely

      09.12.2019 at 08:11 Reply

      Congratulations! You’re the winner. Please pick up your prize anytime before 2/1/20, or it will be put back in the prize hopper.

  • Betty Schlotthauer

    08.12.2019 at 13:37 Reply

    My choice of Snug woould be “grass”. Of course, I would then need to buy a skein of “umber” to pair with it.
    I think my first trip to SWAK was in the late nineties. I bought your pattern for “Keith’s Hunting Socks” and of course yarn to make them. Your shop was in the house location at that time. I also remember your thematic sweater designs. I must have seen an ad in one of my crafting/needlework magazines.

  • Patricia Riden

    08.12.2019 at 13:41 Reply

    I would absolutely love the Beach. I first became a SWAK customer in 2007, I think. It was when you had the store at 30th and Classen. I just don’t remember the year exactly. I know it was before I retired in 2009

  • Jennifer White

    08.12.2019 at 13:53 Reply

    Umber looks like it would pair wonderfully with another Aran skein I have. I became a customer last Christmas when my mother in law took me to the store to pick out my present. It was a great experience.

  • Anne Holbrook

    08.12.2019 at 14:01 Reply

    I do like the Ibiza.
    We have talked about when I started shopping at SWAK. I know it was before 1998!!

  • Lesley Rodgers

    08.12.2019 at 14:30 Reply

    I like greys, I first went to SWAK in 1994 but moved 3 years later and just started back 2017.

  • Anita Roesler

    08.12.2019 at 15:02 Reply

    Well, I forgot to finish my comment. My first visit to SWAK was when you were in the little White House on East Noble.

  • Clarissa Coble

    08.12.2019 at 15:28 Reply

    I would live beaches. Loved going to shop when I can for 2 years now.

  • Marilee Camerer

    08.12.2019 at 15:31 Reply

    My favorite color is Fiesta!
    I began shopping at your store two years ago, when we moved home from Michigan!

  • Jeannie Bennett

    08.12.2019 at 15:44 Reply


    When did you first open ? Been shopping since then.

  • Evelyn Norvelle

    08.12.2019 at 16:31 Reply

    I’m not sure how long I’ve been going to SWAK. At least since 2000. My how time flies. I would like something with teal in it.

  • Melissa

    08.12.2019 at 16:42 Reply

    Ibiza. I have been a customer since 2012, I believe. I loved coming to the knitting groups. This is where I learned to knit socks! I was fortunate enough to meet Keely’s mother, who helped me many times with my mistakes!

  • Carolyn Munholland

    08.12.2019 at 16:52 Reply

    Sari is so beautiful. It would fall of 2001. You and your mom were incredible to me when I lost Jennifer. Knitting is my therapy ❤️

  • Jenna Port

    08.12.2019 at 16:56 Reply

    I first became a customer four years ago. My daughter and I have enjoyed classes and laughter and we’ve learned so much. I would love a swag bag with Sunset Strip yarn. Thank you so much!

  • Laura McMahan

    08.12.2019 at 17:11 Reply

    love the Lapis! I’ve shopped SWAK since the beginning and that’s a clue to how old I am!!

  • Merrie Raoch

    08.12.2019 at 18:20 Reply

    Electric looks like fun to knit! I’ve been coming since shortly after you opened!

  • Janet Marie Busby

    08.12.2019 at 18:27 Reply

    I first became a customer on November 16 this year. Had my first class to knot yesterday and am loving it. Looking forward to many more experiences.

  • Janet Marie Busby

    08.12.2019 at 18:32 Reply

    I would like to try the sunset strip swag. I love the variety of color for the swag.?

  • Shirley Smith

    08.12.2019 at 19:31 Reply

    Deep Violet or Teal are my colors. I heard about SWAK at our church’s knitting group when you were down on Classen. Been taking classes and shopping here ever since.

  • Sarah Steele

    08.12.2019 at 19:53 Reply

    Snug is beautiful! Fairy tale or Ibiza are probably my favorite. I found SWAK through your weekend retreats.

  • Elise

    08.12.2019 at 22:08 Reply

    I really love the Sunset Strip color! I’ve been a customer close to four years, now. I’m really glad my Mama got me “hooked” on your classes (I’m punny, right?) and I’ve loved being a customer of SWAK!

  • Melissa Ryan

    08.12.2019 at 22:58 Reply

    Lovely stuff that! Someone will be so lucky to receive the swag!

  • Barbara Kinney

    08.12.2019 at 23:32 Reply

    I like Ibiza. I don’t remember the first time I visited SWAK. It was in the 90s, before the store on Classen. I was really sad when the Classen store closed as it was near my work. So i could eat and the Red Cup and yarn shop on my lunch break.

  • Ellen McKenzie

    09.12.2019 at 09:37 Reply

    Thank you! ?

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