Design InspirationRecently I posted about a new design in the works, inspired by the 40 colors of Seedling yarn we received for spring. I am very particular about how the yarns and colors are presented in the displays. A yarn like Seedling that combines the handpaint and solid shades can either look fantastic or blehh depending on how the colors are arranged.
When laying out the display for Seedling, I especially enjoyed how the handpaints were accented by the solid shades and set out to come up with a design that would reflect the same effect.
I spent many nights digging through stitch dictionaries, reworking patterns and color combinations until I finally came up with what I wanted.
This baby blanket was the final result-
I finished it off with a fun loopy edging. Deciding that this was way too cool for just a blanket, I also knit a capelet using the same design.
Dot Capelet
What I like best about this pattern is that it is super easy to do (really, I promise) and makes for a nice looking back side. You don’t get the floats and such like with a slip stitch or fair isle design. Sweet!
Dot - back
NotesOnce the knitting phase was complete, I had to turn my scribbly notes into a real pattern. I’m happy to report that I completed that today, so our pattern for this fun Dot design is now available in the shop and online.
You can also catch a class on this design in our upcoming April schedule. I expect to have the schedule through May posted sometime tomorrow, but in the interim you can take a peek and sign up online.

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