Fabulous Needles and Hooks!

Along with a fresh new layout, we’ve expanded our selection of needles and hooks.
Knitter’s Pride
Royale Set
If you fell in love with the Paris Royale sets last season, you’ll be happy to know that the Royale needles are now available individually. These colored birch needles with precision point brass tips are available in circular, double point, and interchangeable tips…or treat yourself to a set!
royale-dpn royale-circ
We also stock the full line of Dreamz needles, including single point, circular, double point, interchangeable, and crochet, including afghan hooks.
The latest addition to Addi’s line of Click needles is simply exquisite! Introducing Click Olive Wood. Made from the wood of non-fruit bearing olive trees, each tip is finished with a plant-based oil to protect its unique look. The needles are quiet and comfortable to work with, making them a great choice for arthritic hands.
Blue Sky
These rosewood double points are absolutely beautiful! Hand-lathed from Dalbergia Rosewood, available in sizes 0–6. Each set is packaged in a colorful tin.
If you like a metal needle with a sharp point, you’re going to love ChiaoGoo. Surgical grade stainless steel with precision tips, featuring ChiaoGoo’s signature red nylon cable. Interchangeable tips available in a broad 0 to 15 size range.
chiaogoo chiaogoo1

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