Fall Extravaganza

You’re invited to celebrate fall in style at Sealed with a Kiss!
fall yarns . . . A fusion of fabulous fibers including yak down, bushtail possum, mulberry silk, cashmere & more.
swag bag . . . Complimentary drawstring bag for all who attend, filled with assorted goodies.
join the fun . . . Good eats, door prizes, great camaraderie, and a really fun time.
Mark your calendar for Friday, September 15 from 4 to 8pm.

We have spent another long summer renovating our 1930’s historic building. After last summer’s renovation of the front part of the shop, we were left practically crawling over piles of stuff that accumulated in the back. And no one was more excited than me to finally have an office as visually appealing as the rest of the shop. Check it out!
We put new wood laminate flooring in my office and the classroom. So glad to get rid of the old nasty carpet!
Mason has an updated fun space for when he’s stuck working with me.
We love the new ceiling! So much nicer than those ugly drop ceiling tiles.
The new curtains are simply fabulous. I also found spot for my favorite books. This was my grandfather’s book shelf that he bought at auction when they remodeled the original state capitol building in Oklahoma City.
This big black cabinet on the back wall is my very favorite new find, thanks to my good friend Debbie at the Stables Café. She spotted this on a scrapbooking site (theoriginalscrapbox.com). Look at all the stuff it holds! Plus there is a table that folds out and makes a workstation.
We also revamped our kitchen…
I’m not wild about the cabinets, but couldn’t justify replacing them. They did have holes where locks used to be, so we got creative and plugged them with wine corks.
And we don’t need much of an excuse to replace old ugly¬†cabinet knobs with something fun!
When we originally remodeled the building many moons ago, our back bathroom got overlooked. It was still painted this depressing gray/blue shade. And up until recently it looked like a big tacky broom closet, with stuff crammed everywhere. So we said goodbye to tacky & depressing and hello to black & ivory!
Love, love, love our better storage…and the black potty seat is pretty darn cool.
And yes, we are probably the only yarn shop around with a shower and urinal. The shower is useful, the urinal not so much. But it was cheaper to leave it in than tear it out. I do have a son, so it may become more useful as he gets older.
I did much of the work myself.¬†Mr. SWAK installed the new LED lights, and I pushed the easy button and let Lowe’s install the laminate floor. Otherwise, I did the rest myself. This will explain why I spent much of the summer looking more like a construction worker than a yarn shop owner.
We’re¬†hoping to not have to wait until next summer to tackle our back hallways. They are still in a huge mess, along with our outdoor back courtyard. But that will have to wait. Our fitting room is piled with boxes of new fall yarns, with more to come. So it’s time to put the painting clothes aside and get busy for our upcoming Fall Extravaganza. Hope you will join us!


  • Renee

    23.08.2017 at 21:04 Reply

    Looks great, Keely!

  • Linda W.

    05.09.2017 at 09:55 Reply

    Keely, is there registration for this event?

    • knorthup

      06.09.2017 at 08:11 Reply

      No need to register – hope to see you then!

  • Vermell Stevens

    07.09.2017 at 16:16 Reply

    Looks a lot different than when I was there in June – sorry we missed you but completely understand – wish I could join you for the “Fall Extravaganza” but just too far!

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