Fall Yarn Tasting

Our fall yarn tasting is just around the corner! Mark your calendar for Friday, September 27th. Party starts at 4pm and continues until 8pm.

Fall Yarn Tasting

This season’s Yarn Tasting Kit includes ten samples of fall yarns from Classic Elite, links to free patterns, yummy salt water taffy, and enters you in the drawing for the many door prizes we’ll be giving away throughout the evening. Not only will we have twice as many yarns to sample, but we’ll have twice the door prizes too…and Classic Elite sends fantastic prizes!
We have a limited number of Yarn Tasting Kits so sign up to reserve yours today.
Along with yarns to sample, we’ll have another fun party featuring fabulous food and drink. I haven’t decided on a menu yet, and am taking requests. If there is a dish I’ve served at one of our many parties in the past that you’d like to see next Friday night, put in your request by commenting to this post.
All requests will be taken under consideration, but depending on the timing, my mood, etc. I can not promise that I will prepare everything requested. Whatever menu I finally put together, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Another big shipment of fall yarn arrived last Friday. I fully expected to have reported all of the new arrivals by now, as well as have them online for you to see BUT I have been home all week with a very sick boy. Yes, I ‘m reporting to you from my hacienda today.
I did manage to put out 2 of the yarns and snap some photos before becoming homebound. The one above is a fresh shipment of Toboggan, a chunky blend of alpaca and merino with new delicious shades.


And the bathtub is now filled with Wynter, a brand new yarn from Classic Elite. Last season they introduced Blackthorn, a naturally dyed alpaca/wool blend that is a lighter bulky weight than the Toboggan. It was such a hit, they decided to dye and call it Wynter.


Aren’t the colors fantastic? This as far as I got before Mason got sick. Along with these two yarns, a fresh shipment of all the other MountainTop yarns arrived (Chalet-Vail-Vista-Crestone), new shades of Kumara, and we’ve added Majestic Tweed and Chesapeake.
The Handpainted Knitting Yarn trunk show is also still here. Everything’s piled up in the classroom waiting on my return. From what I understand, we’ve had a bit of a buying frenzy this week and there won’t be as much for me to deal with putting out when I get back!
Hopefully his antibiotic will kick in today so he can start feeling better. I don’t know how many more episodes of Hey Jessie I can take! I thought I’d mix things up by buying him a movie to watch, but he picked this horrible one about puppy super heroes. Going a little stir crazy, can you tell?
Lori came back from vacation just in the nick of time. She called to tell me she was back while I was at urgent care with Mason. Talk about timing…Lori rocks! Go in and see her and the new stuff. You won’t be disappointed.

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