Fall (yes Fall!) Yarns

Summer is still a few weeks away, however I’ve been busy planning a fabulous fall season. In fact, the first of our fall yarns will start arriving along with the summer solstice.
The first yarn company to contact us about fall was Classic Elite Yarns, and as usual they did not disappoint! These are just a few of the outstanding designs we have to look forward to this fall:
You won’t have to wait long for these fun scarves – kits to knit each of these will be here in a few weeks, plus new Julep B project kits.
We are really looking forward to the arrival of Liberty Wool Light, now available in colorful print and solid shades. I already have a great project in mind for this yarn. Not long ago Sally Melville wrote me asking if we carried the Liberty Wool Light, because it is perfect for her new Step Dance Shawl design. She was very excited about this design and this yarn, and if Sally’s excited then count me in too!
We have been busy getting the final preparations together for our big voyage to Nova Scotia next month. There is probably still room – it is a big boat after all. So if you are interested in joining us, give me a shout. We are going to have a really good time!

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