Fifty Shades of Grey

We have some great November trunk shows to tell you about. First up is the show for Avant Garde, featuring Vail. We love this fine blend of alpaca and bamboo – available in seven shades of neutrals. Okay, not quite fifty shades of grey but that’s the best I can do!
Paulette ColetteMargaux Adele
Next up is the Ava booklet featuring Ava, a new yarn with a bit of sparkle.
AlsaceAlesiaChampagneNotre DameBrittany
We also have the samples from Alpine Forest featuring Fresco, a marvelous blend of wool, baby alpaca and angora. This booklet focuses on accessories, plus we have accessories from the Avant Garde and Ava booklets on display too.
Kirstin LineaIMG_0604IMG_0603Adalina
With all of this fifty shades of grey talk and such, you might worry that I’m having a mid-life crisis. Actually, the inverse is true. I recently traded my beloved little MINI for a SUV. Yes, I have my very first grown up car and I’m not sure how I feel about it. While I do like my new ride, I still feel like I’m driving someone else’s car. I’ve always had cool sports cars, convertibles and such so this is a big change for me.
My poor little MINI is still sitting my driveway wondering why no one is driving it. I really need to get busy and sell it, but I keep dragging my feet.
All three of these trunk shows are on display now through November 16. Come in and check them out while they’re here!

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