We’ve anxiously been waiting on our long hair friend James to start renovating the front of the building. With all of these creaky old buildings, he’s¬†one of the most popular guys in town!
Well the old gal is finally getting a facelift starting Monday. The entire front has to be rebuilt. You will still be able to come in through the front door, however it may be less messy if you come in the back.
Our back entrance is always open, plus there is a huge parking lot with plenty of places to park. We have the only pretty back entrance with a gated brick courtyard and big trees.


Come on in!


Lots of parking!

I remember when I was younger how cool you felt slipping in the back door at the Wilshire Club, or you knew you were really with the VIP people when you got to cut through the kitchen at Juniors to get to the restroom. You are a cool VIP at SWAK, so slip in our back door anytime.
trollWe started pulling our bench and plants off the front sidewalk, and will have to vacate the front windows this weekend. So before the trolls start spreading nasty rumors, please note that our windows will be empty and even boarded up for the next few weeks for CONSTRUCTION. We will be OPEN throughout this time. If you hear anyone saying something to the contrary, please set them straight! I get so tired of evil trolls.
The next few weeks are going to be quite exciting! You won’t want to miss out on all of the construction¬†hullabaloo. I’m from a huge family of construction workers spanning at least 3 generations, so I feel right at home.
Since my dad retired and is no longer able to work, this is my first experience actually hiring someone to do this type of work. I have been quite spoiled! It may be like a non-televised reality show or something – construction princess meets long hair hippy repair guy (the name of his business is Long Hair Repair).
We’ll pop some popcorn, so pull up a chair!

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