Fiona + Mrs. Crosby + SWAK = LOVE!

Fiona Ellis joined us this past weekend for our Guthrie Getaway.
Guthrie Getaway w/ Fiona
Friday night she entertained us with a fun presentation on the history of hosiery. It was a hoot!
Getaway Weekendfiona2
Mrs. Crosby
She designed this gorgeous Chesterfield cardigan, then built a series of workshops around this design just for our event this weekend. How special is that!
To top it off, she used Mrs. Crosby’s Steamer Trunk. I absolutely love this yarn!
fiona1Getaway Weekend
IMG_0209While everyone was busy soaking in all of Fiona’s fabulous knowledge, I was busy putting on a marathon cooking session preparing six full meals.¬†Needless to say, I was exhausted¬†by the end of the weekend. I think my efforts were worthwhile and that no one left even a tiny bit hungry.
I could not have pulled off hosting this rather ambitious event without a LOT of help. Annica, Anna, Kary and my good friend Shawndalynn were all an enormous help.
A huge thank you to all of them, along with Karyn and Laura for volunteering to tote Fiona to and from the airport. Keith and Mason also pitched in, helping move practically half my kitchen over the Magnolia Moon for the weekend.
Even my upstairs tenant’s boyfriend lent¬†a hand. You should have seen Shawndalynn and myself trying to put two six foot tables in the back of my small SUV at almost 11pm Friday night. I guess he took pity on us. We managed to do it, although Shawndalynn had to ride with her face practically pressed against the front windshield in order to get them to fit. She was a good sport. Definitely a Lucy/Ethel moment.
Fiona left her Chesterfield sample with us for a bit along with her Ruddington cardigan. You really need to come in and check them out. Her designs are simply outstanding.
Bayview Mittens
Can’t get enough of Fiona? Our class this Saturday features her Bay View Mittens¬†pattern.¬†The level of design she’s put just into the cuff alone¬†is most impressive!¬†This pattern also features Mrs. Crosby’s¬†Steamer Trunk¬†yarn.
You can also check our her designs on Ravelry, and be sure to catch her “On-line, On-nine” blog. Definitely a good read!
We are so grateful for our good friends Fiona, Mrs. Crosby and the fabulous ladies who took part in our weekend getaway.

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